Friday, December 01, 2006

Heads Will Roll

I very specifically told Leandra that she was NOT allowed to send her snowstorm to me. She did it anyhow! BLEH.

It is my personal opinion that the law in Illinois needs to be changed, and anyone and everyone who was born or learned to drive SOUTH OF THE MASON-DIXON LINE needs to be deported from the state on November 15 and not allowed back in until May. This can, should and probably will, be extended to include people from western Indiana as well, since apparently living in Gary has addled your brains.

You don't know how to drive in snow. You haven't learned. You need to leave.

I'd also like to give you this lil' bitty hint:

JUST BECAUSE YOU OWN A 4-WHEEL DRIVE SUV DOES NOT MEAN THE LAWS OF PHYSICS HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED. Ice is still slippery. Snow is just ice in little-bitty-pretty crystalline bits. SNOW IS SLIPPERY. You can slip on 2 wheels or slip on 4 wheels, but you are GOING to slip and slide around. SLOW THE FUCK DOWN.

Yo - Asshat in the SUV "Mommymobile". yes, I left 8 car lengths between me and the asshat in front of me. No, I didn't leave them for you to go barrelling into. It takes us at LEAST that much to slow down from 30mph on the SLIPPERY SNOW. Get the fuck back in your own lane, slow down, keep away from me - or go back South of the Mason-Dixon for the winter.

OOOOHHH, yah, Mr. Cool Stuff in your fancy penis-extender-sports-car - yes, those bald fat tires were fun this summer. Too bad they're LESS THAN USELESS on the SLIPPERY SNOW.

Get a life. Grow a pair of your own. And go back South of the Mason-Dixon, NASCAR boy.

And to top it all off - someone parked in MY parking spot at work!
(Yes, I do have a reserved parking spot.)


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Winning Hearts and Minds

For Allah and the terrorist community - one group of children at a time.

What scares me is the comments from Americans on this video. Some actually try to JUSTIFY this crap. Others blatantly refuse to admit that the US Government's destruction of the infrastructure of Iraq has led to this type of desperation.

But most importantly - this fucking Jarhead should be court-martialed and shot.

For Those Who Still Believe the GOP is NOT Trying to Destroy the Constitution of the United States

Link to Source Article

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich yesterday said the country will be forced to reexamine freedom of speech to meet the threat of terrorism.

Gingrich, speaking at a Manchester awards banquet, said a "different set of rules" may be needed to reduce terrorists' ability to use the Internet and free speech to recruit and get out their message.

"We need to get ahead of the curve before we actually lose a city, which I think could happen in the next decade," said Gingrich

Thanks to Betmo for the heads-up!

The New Coke Christianity! Now with more flavor!

Happy Feet, a movie about a tap-dancing penguin, I'm told, is running around the theaters this week.

Leave it to the Religious Whackjobs to decide that because it has an environmental protection theme - it's all wrong and horrible and "Lib'rul". Somewhere along the line, probably around the time the Xtians decided that "PEACE" does not belong in Christmas anymore, they also have decided that caring for the Earth is not an Xtian value either - in fact, it seems it now falls upon the heads of those horrid, hateful, "Lib'rul", "Satanist" Pagans to care about the fate of the only planet the Deity has given us (that can be proven to be so populated).

Ok, so lemme get this straight now.

To be a Christain nowadays, we need to:

1) HATE those who are tolerant of others.
2) DESTROY our environment and planet.
3) KILL those who do not agree with our ideology.
4) RENOUNCE peace, and all it's works and all it's ways.
5) CONDEMN movies about anthropomorphic tap-dancing penguins.

I'm sure I've missed something...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Boogie Man, Boogie Man, OOh!! Ahh!!!

So the Chimp has decidered that the death and mayhem in Iraq is NOT a civil war (despite what EVERYONE else says), it's just that old Boogie Man "AL" at it again - you know - Al Queda?

Boy, that little pseudo-texan is like a farking terrier dog. He gets a catch-phrase in his teeth and he just will NOT let go of it.

Apparently also, a Mission Accomplished is not a "Mission Complete", since he says that "merkin" troops are gonna stay in Iraq until the Mission is Complete - another stupid catchphrase with no plan, no goals, no actual content - just something to keep his inbred 25% loyal base followers from the Extreme Right Of Everything In The Universe content with him and contentious with "Lib'ruls" who ask bad evil questions like "How will you know when it's complete? What steps are you taking to achieve completion?"


According to the Goddamn Piece of Paper, the Chimpy McSmirk has only 2 more years to fling his monkey-poo around the Oval Office, so where exactly does he get off saying that the troops are gonna stay past his term of office? OR does he still think that Karlheinz Rove is gonna pull some magick rabbit out of his hat and get him a 3rd term?

Back a few weeks ago on November 1, before the elections, Bush lied (and admitted the lie on Nov. 8) about Rumsfeld staying until the end of his (Bush's) term. "And so the only way to answer that question and to get you on to another question was to give you that answer.'' - in other words - "I lied to get you to shut up about it because I didn't want to tell you - neener, neener, neener". Finally, once and for all proving what We the People have known for over 5 years - George Walker Bush is a bold-faced hypocritical LIAR who cannot be trusted. If George Walker Bush tells you the sky is blue, I suggest you go outside and look up.

So what makes this asshat think We the People of the United States should believe him when he says that this isn't a Civil War that HE CREATED - it's just "insurjents" fueled by "Al Queda"??

Do you believe him?
I sure as hell never will.

(Anyone who can guess what I paraphrased that title from gets a brownie point. *hint* - you'd probably have to be from Chicago)

I really hate MD's...

So I'm sitting in the waiting room before I go in to face the torture-chamber, and the news is on the TV. And it's all about the fucking Shrub and his visits around the middle east. More about him later. The thing is, here at home I can turn off the TV or go to another website or switch off the radio. Can't avoid the chimp and his disgusting voice in a Dr. waiting room. Actually sat with my hands over my ears so I didn't have to hear IT speak.

I become physically nauseated at the sound of it's voice. When I hear it, I hear the dying screams of 3000 servicemen, screaming in agony and pain as their life blood flows out into the harsh, unforgiving desert sands, half a world away from their loved ones.


I'm gonna do some number-crunching later on, maybe I'm wrong. Seems to me that if you double the medicine, and the numbers go UP instead of down, that would be a BAD THING® - but I could be wrong.

I made the suggestion - maybe I need to see someone who specializes in this... and got a very kind, very patient, very "understanding" lecture on how this really is not all that bad, you lost 6 pounds, these numbers aren't entirely the whole picture, blah, blah, blah.

He hasn't changed the medicine, he says to wait another month and then he will do a 3-month test thingy. Damnit, I hate that I'm not any good at science. I wish I could understand this crap. Fucking doctors.

So... do I wait another month? Or do I go find an endocrinologist and take some of this into my own hands?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Doctor Visit

I have to go see Dr. Nick tonite. I'm not particularly looking forward to this.
The medicine he's got me taking doesn't seem to be working, and the increased dosage has made things worse rather than better, it would appear.

Personally, I think that it may be necessary for me to go and talk to some type of specialist - either an endocrinologist or a diabetes specialist. I suspect the former, to be honest.

How do you, however, bring this up to a Dr. who really HAS been trying very hard to make things "right" for you, but seems to sort of... tune out... when you bring up a possible connection between one and another of your problems?

For instance - if every time you ate strawberries, you broke out in hives, you would assume you were allergic to strawberries, no? But what if you only broke out in hives HALF the time - but the half the time you did, you also had chicken for dinner?

So if you have chicken alone - no problem
If you have strawberries without chicken - no problem
If you have both in the same meal - hives.

This guy seems to be of the "Well, you're allergic to strawberries, we'll just treat that" school of thought, without taking into consideration some other things that are of particular note.

These type of guys usually like to "categorize" folks, putting them into convenient little boxes and making incorrect assumptions based on things like "Gee, she is overweight, so she must eat bon-bons and read romance novels".

I'm getting fairly sick of the entire medical community. I'm thinking that maybe I should just dump all the meds, eat what I want and go ahead and let it all end, because I'm tired of fighting with farking doctors who "know what they know" like a certain insane cat-lady from California - even though, surprisingly, not ONE SINGLE ONE OF THESE ASSHOLES HAS LIVED FOR EVEN 1 MINUTE IN THE BODY I'VE LIVED IN FOR OVER 50 YEARS!!!


Monday, November 27, 2006

Hark, The Herald Angels Sing

Glory to the neocon "King"
War on Earth
And profits wild
Satan's Symbol on houses defiled.

You gotta love this.
They have decided that PEACE doesn't belong in Christmas.

Glory to George in the White house
and on earth, WAR
Good profits for Halliburton!


Betmo posted an open commentary thread about the holidays, and it got me thinking. I didn't comment there, because I was thinking in paragraphs, not little bits.

She posits, as have many before her, that the holidays are too materialistic here in the "Land of Freedom and Democracy", and that in other places they also celebrate similar holidays but without the "Greed".

So I started thinking about this.

First off, I am thinking that perhaps it is not "greed" that is the motivating force. Ok, now that I've pissed you all off - let me explain. Yes, the little children exhibit a greedy desire for lots of presents. Fuck, who doesn't love lots of presents? Opening all those little packages and finding inside the things you would love to buy for yourself but cannot justify - is FUN. But is this really why we fling presents at one another at times when things should be quiet and loving?

Or is it because we've lost touch on how to show love to one another without flinging a gift at them? "Helzberg Diamonds - show her you'd marry her all over again". "How can you tell him you love him? With a gold watch... a new car... a set of power tools from Sears..."

How about trying something really amazing - TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM. SAY THE WORDS TO HER. Nah. That's too hard.

And it really IS too hard. It's EASY to fling a present. It's HARD to actually say "I love you" to someone you love. My Dad has never been the huggy type - not a demonstrative sort at all. Ever since Mom died, I've made a specific point of telling him "I love you" whenever I end a phone call, or when I show up and leave his place down in Florida. It's hard, because he really didn't know how to deal with it, and I would usually get a "Uh, yeah, ok" kind of response.

But lately he's been responding "Yah, I love you too" - which is something I really can't remember him doing a lot while I was growing up. Reticent German Immigrant family values, I suppose. I'll fling him a gift, but it will have a card that really says what I feel attached. I'm not 100% brave yet. *sheepish grin*

Flinging a present at someone is the easy-way-out, it's the way to say "I care about you" without actually having to voice it - and it allows you to FAKE admiration or a more tender emotion with people whom you really cannot STAND, but have to maintain a relationship, like your great-aunt Sylvia with the bad teeth and disgusting cole-slaw, or the woman down at work who seems determined to get you in trouble for her own amusement. A present looks like you're caring, even though you're just flinging money at the problem instead of solving it.

So where am I going with this? I don't know. I do know that this year isn't going to be just about gifts. I will get some, of course, for the people whom I wish to acknowledge in that manner - or am so far away that I can't possibly tell them face-to-face (over the phone is even MORE awkward for me!). Things I specifically want to give to certain people that I love, and to co-workers whom I feel comfortable with. But I think the people I love will get something extra. A special card inside just telling them how special they really are to me.

No partriges. No pear trees. And most especially - NO LORDS A LEAPING!!!

It snowed buckets in the pacific northwest yesterday, according to Lea. I hope nobody got hit with a bucket. That would hurt.

Have a WONDERFUL day, folks - I'm outty.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Emerging from the pumpkin pie coma

Yeah, yeah, I know it's the tryptophan in the turkey that makes ya sleepy and all, but it's the pumpkin pie (with a mountain of sweet whippy creme) that sends me off into nirvana and makes my toes curl.

What a nice, quiet, long, quiet weekend. With a lot of very strange dreams. I guess when you take naps at odd hours you are just asking for strange dreams.

But why, for all that is holy, would I wake up this morning from a dream where the entire cast of The Andy Griffith Show, except for Aunt Bea - was trying to remodel my bathroom?

Or why was I dreaming that I was living in Grandma's house on Marengo Avenue, and Manda came to visit and we had a nice, tearful reunion and she agreed to stop by even just maybe 2 or 3 times a month? *sigh* That one hurt.

Upgraded my computer so it now has 2 1/2 gigs of RAM. Heh. I remember working for this guy, and we had to FIGHT with him to let us buy a server that had a ONE GIG hard-drive, because he was flabbergasted that anyone would EVER need that much room on a h/d. Now I got 2 1/2 x that in RAM. Of course, he's not around to see it - he's dead. He augered in on a private airplane, the way I always knew he would.

Tomorrow is back to work. I'm not concerned, I'm actually looking forward to it. I've spent 4 days without swollen feet and even though I know that they'll go puff-monster on me tomorrow afternoon, it's been good and I'm glad for it. Time to get back to the important things like general journal entries and AP coding.

Time to go get another cup of coffee now, though.