Friday, February 13, 2009

Lime Tree

This is a picture of my lime tree.
It is a very SMALL lime tree.
But it is MY lime tree, and I loves it.

Took the picture to send to Dad who is highly amused that I have a lime tree growing in a (relatively) small hanging pot in my livingroom.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Making Sense of Things - and Zombies

Dreams are annoying me. I had a dream last night that my brother, SPTLM was telling me how much he hates me and why. Ok, I know why he hates me, or at least what he told my Dad is why he hates me, which is a very childish and stupid reason - and quite inappropriate for a Christian, much less a Lutheran Minister...

See, let's get one thing straight here right off - I say what I think, sometimes to the point of passing "blunt" and moving into "painfully blunt". I do try to think before I speak, but sometimes the words just tumble out and I don't realize what I've come up with until well after. It is a fault. I try to correct it. I fail often and spectacularly.

Ok, so the day the kid brother got ministerized (ordained), there was this potluck thing the church ladies put on afterwards and we all went and ate, and there was this guy sitting across from me and he asked if I was "Rev. ___'s sister", ___ being my maiden name. I kind of blinked a bit, hesitated, then laughed and said "Oh, I don't think I'll EVER be able to call him "Rev. ___" - to me he will always be my lil' annoying brother Paul".

And it is true. I certainly don't feel "reverent" when I think of him. In fact, the opposite is usually the case. SPTLM and I weren't close growing up. We were very very different, and still are. For one thing, I am a virulent iconoclast. But I digress.

Turns out the guy sitting across from me was the President of the Synod or some such muckey-muck - and in essence SPTLM's new boss. SPTLM says this reflected poorly on him. Mind you, I got this 2nd hand thru Dad - but I can't see any reason for Dad to lie about it. Mind you also, this occurred like 5 years ago. What happened to "forgive 70 x 7"? and all? Whatever. One of them bible guys once said something about a prophet being unappreciated in his own city - and that's really the truth with this. Perhaps SPTLM is the greatest Lutheran Minister since old Marty the Church Door vandal himself - it is always possible. Unfortunately, he will ALWAYS be my kid brother, and I remember enough of our childhood to know that his halo isn't all that shiney.

(nor is mine - not by a LONG shot.)

However - I promised Zombies - and Zombies we shall have!

My very good friend Mr. Farty wrote this wonderful post all about some book about Jane Austin and Zombies and suggesting other titles that would benefit from Zombies, including but not limited to Of Mice And Zombies, Tarzan of the Zombies, Snow White and the Seven Zombies, Gone With the Zombies, and The Zombies of Wrath.

Many of his lovely commenters added their contributions, mine being:

Zombies Progress
The Scarlet Zombie
A Christmas Zombie
Zombies for Algernon
I'm OK,you're a zombie
All the Zombie's Men
The Zombie Principle
How to Win Zombies and Influence People
Murder on the Zombie Express

The thing is - this is FUN! And I keep thinking of more all the time. So if you feel creative - have at it in the comments. The world needs more braaaains.