Thursday, October 27, 2005


Dayum, but it is COLD the last couple of mornings. It's really made me glad that I have a new coffeepot that makes utterly wonderful coffee, even out of Decaf beans.

This morning I had one tupperware cup of coffee in my left sweater pocket, one in the right, and my "going to work commuter cup" in my hands as I went out the door. And you wonder why I had to switch to decaf? :)

Tonight I am planning to work on getting some of the old files off the damaged computer and onto the new one. Hopefully this will be workable using the USB drive that my boss lent me, rather than my having to go buy a *choke* serial cable.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I hate computers sometimes

This past weekend would be one of them.

My OS on the main box (yeah, yeah win98se - deal with it) went tits-up and died. I suspect foul play. (Virii)

I've spent hours trying to fix it up, to no real avail. It's kind of like a great big electronic black hole right now. I can put stuff in - I can see it in there - but there's no way to get it OUT.

I'll work on it again later when I'm less angry over it.

Anyhow - a dear friend lent me the money to buy a new system. It's lovely. Big hard drive (for the moment - undoubtedly it will be MUCH too small eventually..) and speedy lil' processor. The only downside is that the OS is.. *gag**choke**barf* WinXP


Tonite maybe I will be able to see about reloading some of my programs.