Thursday, October 29, 2009

Success... sorta

I did, in fact, manage to make the clam soup without incident, however I will make it differently next time. It had too much strong onion and bacon flavor, and I want to tone that down quite a lot.

I also want to try cream of mushroom soup. This cool fall weather is making me feel all Betty Crocker.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eating Healthy

Or, Eating Healthily.

Either way, I realize I need to do more of this. As a result, I’m trying very hard to do more fresh cooking instead of prefab meals, and looking to fruits and veg instead of meat and cheese. Oh goddess, how I love cheese, however.

Part of me likes the idea of a raw, vegan diet. Or, at the least, a mostly vegetarian diet with a bit of cheese and eggs. Maybe a lot of cheese. And yogurt. Every time I read about this kind of eating regimen I start craving veg and fruits – especially salad fixin’s, mostly raw, and a good healthy salad will satisfy.

So with this in mind, I saw this bottle of stuff called “Superfood” in the produce section of the market and I thought it worth a try. All organic fruit juices, pureed fruit and selected veg and some pureed grain kind of stuffs. And something called “phytonutrients”. Not overly expensive, so I thought I’d give it a try.

The first sip wasn’t too bad. I’m not a big apple-juice fan, and it was a bit more apple-juicy than I liked, but I was determined to try and get past that to see if I could enjoy the healthy green-ish life.

Um. No.

Maybe it is because this stuff is bottled. Maybe it is because of the oversaturation of stickysweet applejuice. Maybe it was the combination of veg/grains with fruit. Maybe phytonutrients taste yucky. I don’t know – all I can say is that I won’t be purchasing that again. It had a rather high “UCK” factor. I finished it, but….. no. not again. And it causes belches. Bleuch.

Now I wonder if maybe my vegetarian dreams are misguided and not workable. *le sigh*

I am currently simmering a pot of clam chowder in my crockpot at home. I’ve never made home-made chowder, so this is a big learning experience. I suspect it will also be like the Chinese Water Torture for Kili, as she is at home with the simmering clam soup. Maybe I will cool off a bit and give it to her as a treat.

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