Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I'm gonna "Occupy"

Unfortunately, I can't afford to take time off work or get arrested - so I'm going to Occupy my livingroom. Yes, that is cynical, and no, I really do not mean it, but despite my wholehearted support of these protestors, I can't join them. For a lot of reasons, financial, health and other.

But I do understand their message, even though it isn't being stated flat out and easily understood. I know their hearts are in the right place, in spite of all the negative publicity they're getting. They're not just "dirty fucking hippies" - and they're not looking for a free handout, which the 1% and their media lapdogs claim.

I wish I could explain this, explain it better and get the right words. I can't. But I do GET it. And I know that at least 1 person will come here and try to make out that he knows better and that the Baggers know better. And all I can say is - I know you aren't part of the 1% yourself, and that really is a shame that you can't see it. Hopefully this will work and benefit you and your family - but I know you won't get it.

I suspect you probably worry because they rail against "corporate" America, and your Dad owns a business and is probably incorporated - even though I doubt that he makes (after tax deductions) more than a million dollars a year - and probably would only see a modest increase in his federal taxes. It isn't corporations themselves. It's the inordinate amount of influence that a very few very large corporations have over the members of Congress and the President - and all of the candidates of BOTH parties.


Did the trick-or-treat thing last nite. Gave away a bag of tootsie pops and a bag of miniature boxes of Dots. I fell in love with a little baby dressed up like a ladybug in a polar-fleece costume with little black dots on her face. There was one little moslem princess (Mom had on hijab) who didnt want the lollypop, she wanted the Dots - and was ever-so polite in asking for them.

It was fun. I even threw a few lollypops to Dads who were waiting at the end of the sidewalk.


I need some vacation time, though. I really do.
I need a recharge.