Friday, July 29, 2005

Cash Prizes and Hypertension

Ok, I got the surprise of my life the other day at work, got called in for my "review" (Goddess, I hate those) and was given not only a nice healthy raise, but a performance bonus as well.

Oh, nothing so huge as to warrant remodeling my bathroom - but a nice chunk of change, nonetheless.

Which is wonderful. What is weird is that I was told I was too much of a perfectionist (you know, MBA201: Don't just tell them they're good - find faults for them to "correct"). Ok, fine. I'm a perfectionist. The bank statement has to balance TO THE PENNY every month or I'm tearing out my hair.... true.

But I'm an accountant!! Wouldn't you think that accuracy and precision would be ... oh... a DEFINING ATTRIBUTE of an accountant? Like, you don't really want me to give you a financial statement that says "I think we have something in the ballpark of $97,000.00 in the bank, give or take a few 1000....", would you?

So I'm having trouble with the other guy in the accounting dept. He seems to think that deep-sixing any problems is the way to deal with them. Unfortunately, I'm finding there are a LOT of unresolved problems, and he's hiding the paperwork on them.

So I go to the VP and ask if he can suggest a way (other than bluntly telling the kid he is a farking dweeb and fork over the paperwork, asshat) to help out with the situation. And the VP tells me "we just showed you how much we want you to stay - can't you believe us?"

I just got a bonus. They never ever give bonuses. This is unprecedented - and MY first thought is "I have to work harder to prove I deserve this" - and he's telling me to "relax" and "take it easy"??????

No wonder I have high blood pressure.....


Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Rotary cutters and fingers are NOT a good combination.

Fortunately, the fingertip in question is not as badly mutilated as I first thought, although my bathroom floor is still a biohazard (some blood dripped, but I'm not going to go slopping around with a mop and rags and stuff until this weekend.

The amazing thing is that I did not bleed all over the rest of the house or onto the fabric I was cutting. *smile*

No, no stitches - it's only about 1/4" long - just DEEP. Still hurts some, and bled like crazy on Sunday night when I did it.

Boys and girls - DO NOT try this at home!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Dinner in the Heat

It's so hot

I did take myself to dinner at the Dysfunctional Denny's. Uneventful, actually, although the monotone waiter was a new twist.

Couldn't sleep last nite - too hot and... I sliced my left forefingertip open with a rotary cutter yesterday and it would start to throb every time I dozed off.

I'm going to be unpleasant at work today, methinks.


Decaf, Tom? Hell no!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Birthdays Suck

Really they do.

I actually checked my farking telephone yesterday to make sure there was a dial tone. Nothing from Mom & Dad ... ok, nothing from Dad.. Mom probably doesn't remember I exist. Nothing from Paul - but then, figure the asshat was in town, no more than 1/2 hour drive from my house and didn't bother to even call and ask if I wanted to meet for coffee or something....

Manda... Well....


I got some "happy b/day's" from guildmates in WoW after I mentioned today was the day (no way they could have known) - but really the only person who remembered and was kindly was, of all people, Tom - my boss. He sent me the most sweet little e-mail.

Damn shame he's married and we have NOTHING in common....

*rolls eyes*

Ah well. It's hot up here again and I need to get down and into the dark cool of the livingroom and do some more sewing, I think. Perhaps today is the day I finish what I said I wanted to.


Or maybe I'll go out and have a nice dinner and stop for ice cream on the way back.

or.... maybe chocolate AND cookie-dough...