Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good Thursday

Ok, I realize that is not ecumenically correct - but I don't care.

My arm is feeling better, thank you for asking. I must have pulled a muscle in my shoulder or something, although for the life of me I can't remember doing anything that would have caused it. I do have to keep reminding myself "DON"T LEAN" on my elbow when I'm reading or typing at the computer. Anyhow, it is better. Still needs a bit of healing, but I'm glad at the progress

The new shoes apparently have solved the ankle/tendon thing. I still do go barefeets at home, and wear flats maybe once a week to work - but I'm not in any pain anymore. This is a good thing.

Leandra is back home from the hospital. Guess they kicked her out for bad behavior. *Ducking from Lea's throwing shoes at me* I've always heard that Chemo is a rough ride, and she's certainly getting her share of rough ride. I hope they can find something to get her through it a little less painfully and weak.

My peony bush is doing well. It has 4 buds on it this year - up from 2 last year. I think I will need more ants. Jim at work tells me that I don't need ants, that it is a old wives tale that the ants open the peonies - but I think I will need twice as many ants as last year. I hope this plant doesn't get TOO big - I don't need all that many ants in my yard.

249 days.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mid May Already?

Amazing how the days all run into one another anymore.

Leandra is in the hospital. Between the blood clot in her ankle, and her inability to eat anything, and total lack of energy, it's probably the best place for her, but I imagine she's wishing she were home and bored out of her skull. I am going to look on the bright side and figure that "no news is good news" - because I know that if anything horrible happened, her daughter or sister would call me.

It is sooooo frustrating being here and unable to do anything, but I guess it would be MORE frustrating to be THERE and unable to do anything. At least being 2000 miles away gives me a mental "excuse" to temper the frustration.

250 days