Monday, August 01, 2005

Why do the good weekends end?

This was a nice one. The weather was tolerable, I was "productive" (got quite a bit of quilt work done, cleanded up the kitchen, went to PetCo, weeded in the garden, Did some laundry... )and in general, it was "nice".

Got to play some WoW and went hunting with my most favorite other player (Yes, you, Melichor!). Made steaks out on the BBQ and life was good.

Now this morning, I smell wet burnt wood in the air outside. Not from my bbq - it was nicely "out" before I went to bed. I hope this doesn't mean someone else had a fire!

So back to work. *sigh* But with a nice thought of how lovely the house is looking and how much fun I had. This weekend could have had a few extra days...