Thursday, November 08, 2007

Strange Things I See On The Way To Work...

Pheasant under Grass

When I was a kid, from time to time while riding in the car my Dad would spot a pheasant running thru the fields that surrounded our tiny tiny little village. The place I grew up was quite rural when we moved there, now it's all ghastly creeping suburbia. Being grossly myopic and a bit slow on the uptake (usually riding in the car also meant reading a book) - I almost never spotted them.

Imagine my surprise to see one laying in the median strip in the middle of a busy highway! I couldn't believe it!

I was right. I shouldn't believe it. It wasn't a pheasant. It was a pheasant carcass. Actually, it wasn't even a pheasant carcass. It was a STUFFED pheasant carcass. No, no - not something from the RoadKill Diner. Plush instead of feathers - 3-toed flappers instead of feet... a child's stuffed plushie pheasant. In the median. Of the road. Dead. Killed to death by a car perhaps. The flappers were the giveaway. Before I saw them, I still thought it might be a real pheasant under the grass clippings.

The grand prix

It was a dull shade of Silver - or maybe it just seemed dull because of the overcast sky. All the cars seemed non-shiney today. Came hurtling out of the backfield to a rocking & bouncing stop at the traffic light in the left-turn lane. Rocking so violently that a woman in a car nearby was heard to shout "You need to slow DOWN!!"

That's when I noticed his Chicago Bears-style vanity license plate "DMB41"

Yup. Dumb41 - the Grand Prick. Needs to slow DOWN. *snicker*

The Zebra Car

There is a Zebra Car out on the side of the road at a dealer on Grand Avenue. I want one. They are too farking cute for words. They even have Zap pickup trucks, which look kind of silly - but the little zebra car is too much! Bit pricey, and I don't think I'd use it except to/from work in the summertime, since it can only get up to 25 miles per charge, so I'd not be able to go any further than that - but DAMN it's cute. With gas over $3.10 a gallon again, I bet it would be cheaper than my neon too - even if the neon DOES get over 36 mph highway.

438 days

***Note to Amanda: I'd love to hear from you, but I'm not home as much as before. If you e-mail me your address and phone number (sewmouse (at) gmail (dot) com), I'll give you more contact info. Love you too, Sweetie!***

Monday, November 05, 2007

Vacation - part II

Hah - thought I died on the way back, didn't you? You should be so lucky. Bah.

So Dad and I had a great time, at least *I* did. I suspect he did too, although he thinks I was bored. Mostly I needed time to just relax and be with Dad. The shuffleboard thing was cool too, in an old and silly sort of way.

Anyhow, coming back was rough. I did the drive in 2 days instead of three, and my eyes are not doing so great with driving anymore. I'm ok for a few hundred miles, then the lines in the road and all the darting about to make sure no idiots are hitting me becomes tiring. Perhaps I need to do this more, rather than less, because I think if I did the muscles in the eyes would re-adjust.

Marry-your-kinTucky was beautiful on the way back. I'm not usually all that fond of it, being as it is kind of an unnecessary evil between me and Susan in Nashville, Lori in Atlanta and Dad near Orlando - but the fall colors were in full swing and the gorgeous greens and golds and oranges and the occasional flash of bright scarlet were wonderful. I thought of Rauf and his photographs - he would have liked this, even though the colors were more muted and neutral than the bright vivid colors he snaps.

Of course, all this at 75 mph on curvy roads in the lumpiness of Kentucky, so no photos from ME!!

Discovered the delights of "Ginger Beer". It's kind of like gingerale, but not as sweet, not as bubbly - and MUCH more ginger flavored. I decided I like it. There is a store here where I can get it too!

No iced-tea incidents on the way back - once is enough, and I can remember. I did stop at another Comfort Inn - which was equally nice to the nights on the way down - but they didn't give me a username/password for the interwebs access, so I was without for that night. (By the time I figured out I needed it, I was too tired to tromp back down to the lobby and ask for it - and I hate trying to figure out hotel phones)

So the vacation was great - getting back to work was great - and I'll post the final installment on the "Mystery Quilt" on next Sunday when all the laundry is done.

The cats hated me, btw, when I got back. Mindi even hissed at me - which got her some stern words and a glare. Within about 10 minutes they were snuggling up for pets and treats, however. Too old to stay angry long, I suspect.

Ok - off to work.

441 days