Thursday, November 23, 2006

Anyone Who Voted for George W Bush

Needs to watch this.
(Found on Peacechick Mary's Site)
Video from PeaceTakes

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday is Hump Day:

So here is a post that has utterly nothing to do with that!!

Well, it seems that Fox and Mr. Murdoch have decided to pull the plug on OJ Simpson's book and 2-part interview. The outrage and negative advance publicity and reaction apparently told them what their collective consciences SHOULD have done in the first place - "This is wrong, this is morbid, this is disgusting and this murderer should not be profiting from his crime, even if he DID get acquitted in a joke of a trial."

Heard on the radio that the Shrub is going to Baghdad to meet with the Iraqi president. What the hell good is THAT going to do? The incompetent Chimp who hasn't a CLUE what is actually happening in the entire WORLD, much less his own livingroom, meeting with his puppet dictator? Someone commented that maybe it would be a really good time for the "insurgents" to stage a coup.

I suggest they wait until after Jan. 20. Not that I would EVER condone such a thing..... *looks over shoulder nervously* OH HELLO, MR. RUMSFELD!!

The Chicago Sun-Times this morning has a full-page spread with a photo of Bryan Anderson, a rather nice looking young man who just got home from Iraq.

Well, about 1/2 of him came home from Iraq. He left his legs and one of his arms over there, unfortunately. Thank you, Bryan, for your courage and service.

Thank you George Walker Bush for getting rid of those pesky old legs that were just hangin' out there and lettin' Bryan walk around on his own.

I hope, Shrub-Boy - that every time you take a step, every time you jog at Camp David for the photo-op camera crews, every time you walk down the hall to the Oval Office that you don't deserve to even LOOK into, much less "decide" out of - that you remember how you destroyed the simple pleasure of walking in the park, running bases with his kids, dancing with his sweetheart and more, for Bryan Anderson. George Walker Bush, you are a disgusting piece of slime.

Every time you hug one of those drunken slut daughters of yours - remember that Bryan won't ever be able to hug HIS children the way that you do - with both arms - YOU took that away from him, George Walker Bush.

Because it wasn't Osama that maimed him. It wasn't "insurgents" - it was YOU, George Walker Bush, you nauseating pseudo-Texan. YOU sent that sweet-faced boy into harms way for YOUR PERSONAL VENDETTA. The day will come, George Walker Bush, when you will be called to judgement by a higher court than the Supreme Court of the United States - and there, none of your "signing statements", none of your "classified" designations will protect you from answering to the Deity for every one of the deaths you personally ordered, and the people you maimed, the lives you destroyed, both American and Iraqi, you scumbag.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I plan to do some of the usual "holiday" kind of things - eat too much of rich food and stuff - as well as some introspective stuff, and hopefully some "catchup" work on my house chores as well. I'd like to end this 4-day weekend with a cleaner house, a better attitude (yeah, right!) and some decisions made about things I've been procrastinating about.

I have a can of cranberry-sauce. Life is good.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

An open letter to Anonymous commenters

Hello, Anonymous commenters,

I don't disallow anonymous comments, because Blogger in it's infinite lack of utility does not allow me to have the option of only letting folks who identify themselves SOMEHOW, but not "anonymous" post comments. Believe me, if it did, I would.

Some of my commenters, like GradeSchoolBud and TheDarkOne are friends and I do want to know who they are when they comment. They are smart enough to have figured out how to post a comment and use a "nickname" to do so. They're not LAZY CHICKENSHIT SCUM who don't bother, or who hide behind anonymity to protect their self-image.

So, understand something. You CHOSE to comment anonymously. You turned yourself into a "thing" instead of a human being when you clicked "anonymous" instead of identifying yourself, in my blogworld. So don't be surprised when I treat you like crap - especially when you post something stupid or irrelevant or derogatory, just because you think you're all "safe" by hiding in your anonymous little fucktard hole.

And if you decide to post something stupid, irrelevant, derogatory, or that I just really don't like - and I am able to figure out from your post who you are (It's rather amazing how easy that can be...), don't be surprised when I "out" you by your RL name and let the world know just what a pathetic moron you are.

If you want respect, then you have to earn it. This is my blog. This is MY space. This is where *I* hang out with MY friends and co-workers and net-friends. If you want to participate, that's all good - just identify yourself. If you choose to instead hide behind "anonymous" like the feeble-minded asshat that you obviously are - then don't be surprised when I go Harry Truman on you and call a chickenshit a chickenshit.

Have a WONDERFUL day.

Religion's "Right"

Yesterday I received one of those syrupy-sweet "God Loves You" chain e-mails from my cousin J. J's a smart lady, sweet and caring, and I'm pretty sure she didn't read the whole thing before she sent it to me. Maybe she did. Dunno. I don't think she thought real hard about the last portion if she did.

What really annoyed me was that she threatened me.

Ok - J didn't threaten me. Her e-mail did.

Started out with pretty flowers and rainbows and a little bunny holding a daisy, and all kinds of loving, caring, wonderful things based on the John 3:16 bible quote (For God so loved the world... blah, blah).

And it continued on to say how wonderful I am, and how much she values me, and how fantastic it is to be in the same world as me.

And then it decidedly turned vicious and threatening: "This e-mail MUST not be broken. You are Satan's Tool if you break the chain! Terrible things will happen to you and the people you love and your pet iguana if you don't send this to 10 people in the next 5 minutes!" (Ok, I made up the iguana part...)

Yes, Christianity is loving, and caring and wonderful - UNLESS YOU DON"T DO AS THEY SAY - then you are condemned, defiled, reviled and slandered/libeled! How Jesus-like! WWJT? WHO WOULD JESUS THREATEN? Doesn't that just make you want to run out and buy a hymnal and a bible and go thump on the streetcorner? Who writes these stupidass chain e-mails anyhow?

In other news, Some Moslem Imams got huffy and refused to leave an airliner when asked - then got even huffier when police removed them. They say it was "disrespectful", their being removed. Awww... poor babies. If they'd left the airplane when asked, instead of resisting and being arrogant asshats, I betcha it all could have been handled very quickly, very quietly, and with a minimum of fuss, and they could have been back on their flight and off to wherever.

I suspect they resisted deliberately just so they could make a lot of "Oh, us poor, misunderstood, DESCRIMINATED AGAINST Moslems!!! Wahhhhhh" noises. They're probably the front-line attempting to see how they can penetrate security and pull off another 9/11/01.

Oh, and now "Moslem" is a RACE???? They claim it was "RACIST" to ask them to step outside and clear something up? RACIST???? SINCE WHEN IS THE MOSLEM RELIGION A "RACE"???

Monday, November 20, 2006

Oh Hell, it's Monday

Again. dammit.

And another weekend without doing all the things on my "do all this crap" list. I sleep too much. I blog too much, I play WoW too much, and I just don't even like leaving the house very much, these last few weeks.

I'm afraid I'm becoming a total recluse, and I really don't want to do that. I did, however, stop on the way home Friday and get some more St. John Wort so maybe that will kick-start the old seritonin again. I still feel like if I could just get things back to "normal" with the blood sugar, heart beat, circulation and SLEEP, I'd get back some of the energy to do other stuff.

Lea sent me a link to a place that has all kinds of information about volunteering for stuff for the DNC. I looked up my area, and as I had suspected, it is pathetically under-represented. While my state is beautifully Blue, it scares me to think that there are so many of us lower middle-class and lower who are being inactive here in one of the most diverse counties in the state (and one of the few RED counties!)

I plan to look into it further.

Now is not the time to let up. Now is not the time to sit on our laurels and be contented with a SLIM majority in Congress as of January. We cannot let up the fight, and we cannot begin to think of undoing the damage done by Bush and Co. if we don't continue to fight as if our country's Constitution and Freedom depended on it - because IT DOES.

Not into a lot of obvious, in-your-face protesting against the war and against the erosion of our civil liberties here at home? Check out The Kommandos Progect, a means of getting out the word without getting in-your-face.

Back to work - back to that damned bank statement. Have a WONDERFUL day, everyone!