Friday, August 01, 2008

Connectivity Issues

3 minutes of connectivity - modem resets.
5 minutes of connectivity - modem resets.
20 minutes of connectivity - modem resets.
25 seconds of connectivity - modem resets.
1 minute of connectivity - modem resets.

This is a bit of a bitch, especially when you are trying to accomplish something online that requires surfing from page to page in short-order.... or trying to play a little bit of WoW.

So yesterday I contacted Comcast to find out if they can fix it. Got a really nice gal on their "chat in realtime" online feature (from work!) (yes, my boss knew...) and she said it should fix up just as soon as I got home and rebooted everything. Cool beans.

Got home, rebooted everything, went downstairs to have dinner, came back upstairs - no connectivity. Modem reset. 2 minutes of connectivity....

So I called from home, and talked to a really nice guy who said it was something "in the line"' and they'd have to send out a techie. I asked if it was possible if the coax had been damaged, would that maybe cause it? He said yes. I told him not to send anyone until I had a chance to check the cable inside the house, as I can replace that myself.

Cats. Chewed. Almost THROUGH.

*le sigh*

So tonite on the way home I will stop at the CompUSA store and pick up some coax cable, and then I'll see if the problem was this - or something more yet.

I wonder if there is a nice Korean restaurant anywhere near my house....

171 days

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Things

Obviously many of my "old things" havent' been working. The DR. wants to put me on cholesterol meds and I plan to fight it. The possible side-effects scare the bejebus out of me. I know he means well, but after 3 months of eating horribly - almost all red meat, soft buns and cheese - while Leandra was sliding downhill, I'm really not overly surprised to find out that my cholesterol and triglycerides are a bit out of whack.

So yesterday I went to the market to get lunch, instead of a drive-thru. I bought a big salad with loads of fresh veggies on it, another bag of cherries, some OatNut bread (I love oatnut bread...) and this cereal that I can't remember the name of it, but it had flaxseed and pumpkin seeds in it.

Now, to be honest, my first thought was UCK. I love pumpkin pie, but pumpkin cereal sounded cloying and unpleasant. However, it was labeled "Organic" - which has certain labeling restrictions as opposed to "all natural" and stuff like that - so I figured, WTF, right? Flaxseed is supposedly good for the heart and arteries, so I'll try it. I'll try ANYTHING once. (Except gross stuff like brains or tongue...)

It was GOOD! They had these little puffball things in it that kind of resembled rice krispies, and it tasted rather cinnamony, which is nice. There was enough crunchy/chewy balance to make it great with just a bit of milk on it. So, this is a "new thing" that I'll probably have more often.

I need to find some kind of exercise to do too. My bike has flat tires (again!) and I'm too puffy and wheezy to run, too broke to join a gym and too Raphaelite to be seen in a swimsuit outside of my Dad's retirement village.

174 days