Sunday, November 11, 2012

President Obama - what a nice "ring" that has

Ok, it has been almost a week now, and the elections results are, for all intents and purposes, in.

Thank the Goddess, President Obama was re-elected.  He is not the "ONE".  He is no savior, he is not SuperPresident.  He's just a guy.  But he's not Romney/Ryan, and that counts for everything.

The Republican pundits and media and political operatives are falling all over themselves to find the reason for this "surprising" loss.  They've resorted to name calling (pimps, whores, maggots, various racial slurs...), they've all given one or another "reason" - never blaming themselves or their policies, however.

One writer almost got it right, but then veered off the track and went for finger-pointing again instead of follow-thru.  The Republicans need to make their "tent" bigger.  They went seriously out of their way to make it smaller... and smaller... and smaller...  and now they sit there with stupid headlight-struck-deer looks on their faces and try to figure out what happened.

They had the money.  They spent the money.  It didn't work.  It didn't work because the message they sent with that money was a message of hate, and a message of EXclusion.  The Republican party has become the party of Rich, Old, White, MALE Fundamentalist Christian Whackadoodles.  They're so far from being "conservative" as to be laughable.

Here's why you lost, Republicans:

The USA is a secular country.  It is not a "christian" country - and it will never be a "moslem" country or a "mormon" country as long as anyone still alive here and now has breath in their bodies.  The separation of Church and State is sacred to our nation.  Yes, it annoys the christians that they can't force their prayers into public schools.  It annoys the moslems that they cant use their "sharia" to justify actions that we find repulsive HERE, when they're able to do it THERE.

But that's the point.  True, you can't proselytize in schools - but that bends both ways - the moslems and the hindus and the pagans can't either.  (Not that pagans do...)

The churches are not allowed to interfere with state-run programs/places.  And this is good, because at the same time - the STATE is not allowed to interfere with your Religion. 

The USA has had over 2 generations of Women's Sufferage.  We're not going back, boys.  Our grandmothers fought for their right to vote - Our mothers voted - and many of us fought and are still fighting for the right to be judged as EQUAL human beings, not chattel to some penis-wielding testosterone factory.  (See?  We can be condescending and objectifying as well, boys.)

And we aren't going to back down on birth control, reproductive rights or the right to make our own decisions for ourselves.  Your pathetic attempt to return to the dark ages lost you votes.  Lots of votes.  All that "legitimate rape" crap hurt your cause.   Stop thinking of us as "the helpless little ladies" - a lot of us have more brains in our pinky fingers than many of you do in your entire testosterone-poisoned bodies.

Something needs to be done about immigration reform.  Being an asshat to men and women with latino surnames is NOT immigration reform.  It is repulsive.  There are many, many illegal aliens in this country that are NOT latino.  There are also millions of people with latino surnames who are LEGAL CITIZENS of the USA and do not deserve to be treated as criminals because of their names or ability to speak a 2nd language.

If Allen West and Herman Cain are the best examples of black men that you can come up with - then you seriously need to look a little harder.

Mitt Romney was the sanest of the candidates you fielded.  Ron Paul has a few good ideas, but once you rub the surface, he's a nut job.  Santorum doesn't understand the first sentance after "Here's why you lost", above.  Rick Perry has good hair - and nothing of substance underneath it.  Herman Cain doesn't even know how to make PIZZA.  Newt.  What can you say about Newt.  Tossed out of his job as Speaker of the House is what you can say.  And then there's Michelle.....Oh. My. Fucking. Goddess.  I don't even know where to BEGIN to list what is wrong with Michelle Bachmann.  There's just too much material...

But Mitt had fatal flaws.  His mormon upbringing taught him that Black people were unworthy to hold membership in his church, whether they would choose to buy into the majick underwear or not.  That women exist only to serve men.  He was born on third base and to this day thinks he hit a triple.  In the middle of one of the worst financial declines in the history of the USA, Mitt is building a house with a CAR ELEVATOR.  His wife drives "a couple of caddilacs".  He had her dancing pony shipped over to the London Olympics, then proceeded to insult the British hosts of said same olympics.

Sending Paul Ryan to fake a photo-op at a soup kitchen... and getting caught. 

The people know phoney.  People don't want phoney in the white house.

The world has changed, Republicans.
The USA citizens no longer consider women chattel.
The USA citizens are Asian and Black and Brown and Peachy-pink
The USA citizens no longer NEED to hide their sexual preferences in a closet
The USA citizens are tired of waiting to be "trickled" on - and you fat rich old white guys might want to re-read "A Tale of Two Cities", because somewhere, Madame LeFarge is knitting.