Friday, July 14, 2006

Spoke Too Soon?


Well, the pollacks have managed to squash SOME of my flowers.

They also are moving at a SNAILS pace. Must be paid hourly.

And they broke my BBQ grill.

This Means War.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Good News/Bad News - Part II

Good News:

They tyvek'ed my house, and are putting up the siding. It will be a nice shade of grey. It's rather pretty.

They took down the fences and did NOT squash my flower gardens! Also, they took down the back porch light and will be putting up my new one...

And the guys all seem to speak Polish, not mexican - at least the ones at MY house.

Bad News:

I have no idea how I'm going to be able to hang up my wind chimes or my outside thermometer now.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Things that annoy me about me

I hate it when I do stupid stuff

like throwing a pillow at the cats and not noticing I am also taking direct aim at a glass of iced tea sitting on the edge of a table....

promising myself I'm going to get something into the mail, then conveniently forgetting it on the top of the dresser when I waddle out to work...

remembering to buy a birthday card, then forgetting to send it...

not being able to sleep and playing online video games instead of folding laundry...

cleaning up room A by throwing all the stuff into room B, instead of the trash...

Losing my keys... yet again. Is it all THAT Hard to put them in the same place every night?????????


Good News/Bad News

Good news:

The condo association is replacing our horrible, rotted-out, waterlogged, ugly, disgusting wood siding and trim with aluminum siding. The houses they've done so far look very nice. Certainly as nice as Dad's place down in Fla. They are pre-wrapping the houses in Tyvek House Wrap - which looks funny, like they're going to mail the houses to Australia or something.

This can only be a GOOD thing for the houses, and likely increase property value. I'm all for that. Also, they are taking down the outside light fixtures to do this (and the mailboxes) - so I will be able to trashcan the old back light and put up the new one that the doves can't nest on. YAY!!

Bad News:

They're residing our houses, so I have to clean up my back garden. YUCK. And they'll probably trample all over my perennials border, destroying the gorgeous red lillies about to bloom, and the lovely new plants I bought this year. Double Yuck.

and they all babble in mexican - so I can't even try to talk them into NOT destroying my perennials border. *sigh*