Monday, October 06, 2008

On Being a Cubs Fan - and Spies at the *$

Now that for many the pain is over, I reflect on their agony and share the one thing that being a Cubs fan has taught me over the many years.

NEVER celebrate before you win. NEVER anticipate you will be the victor. Strive for victory, fight to the end of your endurance - but NEVER assume you will land in the winner's circle covered in roses and acanthus leaves. Prepare for the worst - then EXULT if the best happens.

Wait until next year.

Ernie Banks (pbuh) - MR CUB, and Ron Santo - a man who should know better, stood in Daley Center Plaza and proclaimed "THIS is the year". Ernie, Ron - NO! Do not celebrate the victory before the battle. Go grim to the fight, prepared for the worst in war - do not savor the sweetness of success, lest you blow your playoff chances in THREE STRAIGHT LOSSES.

The hubris of man allows the gods to mock. Fuck the billygoat.

Wait until next year.


Wait until next year.

*sigh* Sometimes being right isn't all it's cracked up to be. Won't get fooled again.

So. I stopped at Starbucks (*$ - get it?) and there was a spy in the parkinglot. HONEST! Sitting in a plain, unexceptional unmarked black sedan with tinted spy windows, checking out all the cars driving through the *$ driveup.

Why would someone spy on the Starbucks??? Maybe it's those damn Neocons checking out the "Eliteist Lib'ruls"? *snort*

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