Thursday, March 06, 2008

Free Cussing Zone - and More Sex!

Ahh, the innocence of youth - or is it??? Is it his own right to demand that people who DON"T EVEN KNOW HIM must choose their language to suit his tender sensibilities?

Story here

Last I heard, there was this "freedom of speech" thingy in this country, which while it doesn't allow the "BIG SEVEN" from being on TV (Big 7 from Mr. Carlin = Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker and Tits), nor does it allow for the screaming of "FIRE" in a crowded theater unless there is, in fact, a fire - does allow for considerable leeway in everyday discourse.

So, WTF, I am here to tell you this is a free-cussing zone, cuss to your heart's content - the content of the comment OTHER than the cussing will determine if it stays or if it goes now... Unless it's just cussing at me, in which case, GUESS what will happen :P .

In other news:

Guess what guys - pick up the Hoover Vacuum, you may get blown:

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In yet MORE news (breaking):

Seems a "terrahist" has set of a bomb in front of a death Army recruiting station in Times Square, NYC, NY

Damn Terrahists are 5 months early - you just can't GET good terrahists these days! Supposed to happen in OCTOBER - so Shrubby can declare martial law and suspend elections!

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I bought a new cell phone

Not a new plan, just an upgraded phone. See, my old phone just would not accept any headset at all - couldn't do hands-free - and because of the law in Chicago, I couldn't use my phone there, as it's "hands-free or not at all", and driving in the city is usually one of those places where I need assistance (call Leandra for directions).

So I got this new nifty phone. It's an older model, but functional, and I have a house charger, a car charger and an earbud thingy. (no, not a cyborg-like blue-toof - yet.) It also allows me to d/l ringtones to my satisfaction, and to use it as a speakerphone (altho I need to learn HOW - RTFM and all that), and it takes pictures.

I have, so far, taken pictures of the sales-counter top in the mobile store, my steeringwheel, the knee of my pants and my thumb (extreme closeup on thumb).

The "take a picture" button is on the side of the phone where I usually grab it to hold while I am dialing.

I believe this will require a certain period of adjustment. *blush*

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


This has been one of the more icey/sn*wy winters here in a while. Not "OMGWTFGLOBALWARMINGWEALLGONNADIE" bad, but typical weather for winter in this area - given that the last several years have been atypically mild.

As a result of a return to "normal" winter weather, the salt & plow guys have been working more than usual, and a great deal of salt has been used on the roads.

Salt is used to keep the ice from making all the cars smack into each other. Salt also gets into the tiny cracks in the pavement and combined with the bouncing of traffic (especially heavy trucks) eventually the pavement becomes weak in some areas and holes form. This is a totally non-scientific analysis, I'm sure someone else knows better how it works. Phllhhbbbhhttt on them - I don't care how they de-erupt, I just care about the craters they leave in the road.

Out front of our work building there is a car-eating crater. It's rather amusing to watch folks creepy-crawl around it. Without a doubt anyone who was foolish enough to drive THROUGH it would end up learning how to change a flat tire fair quickly.

As of this morning, some of these potholes have been filled with asphalt. Most of them already have a coating of salt on them. A few are already sinking in, and I suspect they will revert to their devious tire-eating behavior within days.

For once I actually look forward to Spring road construction season. Hopefully they'll rework the area under the overpass so that I don't have to drive as if I were drunk to avoid all the holes.

I do try to avoid the holes, you know. Especially after my former roommate Jon rather dryly commented to me that "The idea is to AVOID the potholes - not aim straight for them and cringe!!"


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