Friday, September 19, 2008

Ever have a dream...

Ever have a dream so real, so detailed, so completely coherent that you could SWEAR it had actually happened? Except that what happened was so good, so wonderful, so utterly impossible - that you knew, even in the dream, that it was a dream, but when you woke up it was like to break your heart realizing that not only was it a dream, but it was a dream you'd probably not be able to shake off for a day or two, and that you'd never be able to get "back" to that part of the plot and enjoy playing in that alternate reality forever when unconscious?


Yeah - it was that good.

No - nobody was nekid. Yet.

122 days

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Did Sarah Palin invent Mooses?

So!! John McCain invented the Blackberry!

John who's never used a computer or been on the Interwebs McCain Invented The Blackberry!!

I wonder if that was before or after Al Gore invented the Intertubez?


However... Happy Goddamn Piece of Paper Day. On this date in 1787, the founding fathers signed the Goddamn Piece of Paper, giving our country an organized government. Really, unlike July 4 - this is the real "Happy Birthday" for America. Just think where we might be without that Goddamn Piece of Paper!

It is also St. Ebenezer day here in my town, as I saw the first Xmas decorations in a local store.

124 days

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Water, Water everywhere...

Saw some footage of Galveston this morning - looks pretty grim. I sure hope Randy is ok. He doesn't talk much to me lately, but I've sent him an e-mail in hopes he's doing all right (He's in Houston, and has folks in Austin who would help him out, I think.)

Closer to home, my 2 3/4 hour commute (10 miles as per usual, probably closer to 18 the way I had to go) was Special! The real pisser is when you are less than 1/4 mile from where you need to turn to get to work, but have to drive 8 miles or so out of your way in bumper-to-bumper creepy-crawly traffic to get around the flood zones.

Lake Street was flooded completely across the road over near where Salt Creek gets near the retention ponds in Addison. Apparently Irving Park was flooded in several places, I had to go all the way south down to North Avenue to get past Villa and up 83. Talk about the scenic route to work!

They said on the news that we had gotten 6 inches of rainfall overnight at O'Hare. Translated into good terms - we did NOT get 6 FEET of snow, which is what that would have been had it not been Big Wet Storm Ike, but instead Snowstorm Knute the Canuck. I am grateful. Snowstorms suck - and not in the good way.

Ok, last weekend I made my final attempt to get a pee sample from Mindi the Fat Kitty. Vet's office said "Try putting a clean litterbox with just a small bit of litter in it down, then lock her in a room with the litterbox and a bowl of water.

So I did. Friday nite - cat is confined, nothing but water and litterbox.
Saturday evening (maybe 14 to 18 hours later?) I open the door to check. No pee. Not on the floor, not in the box - none. Cat makes a BEELINE out of the room and over to the USUAL litterbox - and pees like a racehorse into the clumping litter that I can't use for the sample. The vet's assistant laughed at me. I did too.


125 days