Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Full Tummy is a Happy Tummy

Went to the pharmacy in Costco last nite and got refills on all the meds. Yay for my Dr. Boo for my insurance!

So of course, it is Costco, and I simply must go and get a big bag of "Tyson's Jumbo Wings o' Fire" - for those unacquainted, these are, without question, the best damn hot chicken wings I've ever had, bar none. The sauce has an unmistakable tang of jalapeno, and they're all the "drumette" part of the wings, none of those slimy, slidy little spaceship-shaped bits. They're big and meaty and just wonderful.

Also got a large "party platter" of fake sushi. (fully cooked - so it's not REAL sushi). Ok, not exactly a "health food" evening, but..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good!

Too hot upstairs to play around on the computer, however. It cools down nice at night, but it's been miserable hot and humid during the sunlit hours. Last nite I just fell asleep on the sofa watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

Hopefully tonight I can get into some more WoW gaming and maybe even... *gasp* do some laundry... *grin*

The lady from the Credit Union is ... too perky. I just wanted information,not a propaganda demonstration. I will probably join up if only to have a savings account again since banks are horrible things for those of late. Also might could help if I ever decide to try and get a loan to finance remodelling the upstairs bathroom.

Speaking of banks, I should call and make an appt. to go talk about my IRA....

Damnit - being a grownup has too many things to think about.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hot Flashes?

Or is it too much caffeine?

I took my meds today, so it shouldn't be that.

It's suddenly SO hot in this air-conditioned office. My face is wet with "glow" (horses sweat, men perspire, women "glow"). I feel light-headed and really want to pass out badly. No chest pains.

I wish our insurance was worth the paper it's written on - I'd like to see a Dr., but I'm afraid to even TRY to work thru that insurance company. Too much red tape.

Shrub-boy is here in Illinois. Damn shame that grenade didn't detonate a few weeks ago. Gas is over $2.50 a gallon, and the republicans here are complaining. I laugh and tell them "you voted it in - you deal with it!"

I'm grumpy. No appetite. I think I'm sick.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Happiness is Small Things

Dad called last nite. It was nice to talk to him, but dealing with Mom is getting him down. It tells in his voice.

I'm almost 1/2 done with piecing the Iroc's Puzzle quilt top. I should be further along, but I'm not. *shrug*

Tom made Jason give me ALL of the A/P backlog stuff. FINALLY. Now I have a ton of work to do, but I do at least have the wherewithall to do it. Without the proper tools, one cannot do a quality job.

I weeded in the garden some. The weeds are grand and glorious - the deliberate plants are looking peaked. Drought favors weeds, I guess. At least the tomato plant is flourishing. The daisies look good - I suspect they will come back in a big way next year, which is a happy thought.

Lea is happy, I sent her that stupid NwN temple I built then had to re-build because everyone involved had deleted it from their hard-drives. I told her this is the last version, and I'm deleting it tonite!

I went to Omega for lunch/dinner last nite too. It was lovely. Nice roast beef sandwich and chicken soup. Hot food without having to cook it, served in air-conditioned comfort! I just wish the servers wouldn't rush ya thru your meal so much!

Well, off to iron more lil' pieces of fabric, then work. Maybe I can find some more small happinesses today. I want to look for them. I think I'm tired of anxiety.

Now if I can just figure out how to lose it!