Monday, September 12, 2005


Well, it's been 2 weeks now and I'm trying to stay decaffeinated. The headaches are a bit less, but I've been "cheating" a bit too. Some tea, a few glasses of cola.

I did find a really good diet cola - Decaf Diet Pepsi. Tastes almost exactly like regular Diet Pepsi, which is my drink of choice when I want "pop".

I'm still struggling with the coffee thing. I did find that using a BIT more beans, and setting the coffeemaker to "Strong", I can brew up a pot that tastes something more like coffee. This using Starbucks "Espresso Roast" decaf beans.

I just really do not like 7-up or other lemon-lime drinks all that well, Orange soda is ok once in a while, and root-beer tastes too much like a "dessert" rather than a thirst quencher.

Lemonade is ok, but canned lemonade is crap. I'm spoiled. Every year at the company picnic, our boss hires this lemonade & popcorn wagon to supply drinks & snacks. They make fresh-squozen lemonade right in front of you while you watch. (Juice of 1 lemon, 2 "squirts" of sugary-syrup and fill the glass with water, then shake well...) The stuff is like ambrosia. You'd never want store-bought lemonade again.

Besides, frozen lemonade is just a mixer portion of whisky sours, right?

So I'm feeling pretty darn good about this all, overall. I think cutting back severely before I cut it off entirely is going to work out best. I've had a couple of caffeine-deprivation migraines, but nothing to be over upset over. I'm happy about that.

I also seem to have had a lot less heart-flutters. This is significant. I'm thinking of making a list of "changes" and their effects to bring when I finally manage to get back to a Dr.

I'm feeling a little less stressed and anxious too.

Now if I can just get the rest of my life back in line...