Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ginormous Gophers Take Over My Subdivision

Film whenever I get around to it... (edit: Photos Below Now!!)

There are ENORMOUS holes all over the subdivision. Surrounded by yellow crime-scene tape on sticks and covered (partially) by weatherbeaten plywood slabs. There are small hills next to them. One can only assume there are exceptionally HUGE gophers invading the subdivision!

Well, either that or ComEd is replacing their underground cables.

And while option 2 is probably much closer to the truth (considering that is what the guy in the hi-vis vest who was operating the digger thingy told me this morning), the mental image of ginormous gophers is much, much, much more fun to contemplate.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Hmm. I wonder if this thing still works?

Ok, yes, I am a lazy blogger. Whatever.

There's a lot going on at work, a lot going on at home, and just so many hours in the day.

How about that Rand Paul, huh? What an interesting (Translation: Idiotic) person! Apparently he thinks that there should be NO government regulations at all on any "private business". So there should be no consequences for BP, there should be no oversight on the financial markets, there should be no reason for Woolworths to let dark-skinned people eat at their lunch counters. Take this a step further - and I do honestly believe that Rand Paul is just FINE with child pornographers - it is their private business, and if enough people are disgusted by it, it will magically go away, even without government involvement.

Did you hear that, Glenn Beck? Rand Paul supports Child Pornography!

Speaking of BP - Shame on you, British Petroleum. I for one will never again purchase gas at one of your stations, and I will make sure that the investments for my IRA do not contain any of your stock. If they do, I'll divest the holdings and go greener. Boycott BP. Please.

I remember back when I was a kid - we were taught that there were 5 "Great Lakes" in North America - but only 4 of them were actually "living". Lake Erie was dead. The fine people of Ohio had dumped so much industrial toxins into it that there were no fish, no plankton, nothing, living in what had once been a great lake. The Cuyohoga river used to catch on fire every summer (spontaneous combustion!). It saddens me greatly that although we've managed to rejuvenate Lake Erie, and the Cuyohoga river is ... well... much less polluted and not prone to conflagrations anymore, the British have managed to destroy the Gulf of Mexico. I suspect it will be "dead" for generations. *sigh*

The weather has gone from chilly to "I wish I had air conditioning" rather quickly. I also wish I had a nice outdoor grill. My old one got destroyed by the aluminum siding guys a few years back and I haven't bothered to replace it yet. Perhaps this year. I got some "greek marinade" chicken breasts from Caputos. I have a feeling they would taste awesome if they were grilled, but since I don't yet have a grill, I'll just broil them in the oven.

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