Thursday, April 08, 2010

Driving In My Car...

Without question - without the slightest hesitation - I can confidently assert that Male drivers in the State of Illinois are the most impatient, rude and annoying individuals ever to roll around this planet on from 2 to 18 wheels.

In fact, one would be tempted to call them "Fucktards".

As a matter of fact, I think I will. *sweet smile*

Stop light. 4-lane divided road. Fairly narrow lanes. Young lady stopped appropriately at traffic light. Fucktard in car behind her honking and threatening to mash her rear bumper because she won't pull up into the intersection so he can make a right turn.

Stop light. Same 4-lane divided road. Young lady doing approx. 5 mph OVER the posted limit. Fucktard behind her making hand gestures, honking, shouting himself red in the face - because there is more than a car-length between her vehicle and the one in front of her.

Never mind the fact that there is a red light. He's NOT going to get any more than a few feet further along...

All I can say is - it's worse in Indiana.

I have very sore knees. I suspect this is due to overconsumption of caffeine, as it is a known difficulty for me. So I've cut out most of the caffeine in my life for the moment, attempting to calm down the knees so I don't have to creep up and down the stairs.

I have a headache. Caffeine deprivation headache.

I can't win.