Friday, March 03, 2006

3's a charm?

So ... I think my car is invisible sometimes.

Like - one morning Tony and Tom were sitting at the stoplite at Church street, I'm coming up Grand, and this guy in an Escalade decides I'm invisible and almost hits me as he swings for a HUGE left-hand turn.

Tony assured me I was NOT invisible.

Tom was oblivious. *chuckle*

Last year, I got rear-ended twice at stoplights.

This morning it happened again.

I wish a dashboard light would go off or something to let me know when the car turns invisible so I can take evasive actions....

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Poor Outdated Webpage


I can't seem to motivate myself to update and fix-up my little personal webpage. Not that it's all that and a box of poprocks or anything, but I've done a LOT better 3-d work than I've got sitting up there and the links suck.

Besides of which, I really DO need to post a sizeable rant about the THIEVES at UPS.

And the links are all either broken or outdated because I have changed direction in my own interests and life.

And I really want to put in a link to Mike's airplanes, because Mike builds awesome, incredible HUGE, gorgeous radio-control model aircraft. In fact - check it out for yourself. And that is only the prototype - Black Magic v2 is so beautiful it's heartbreaking.

Now if we could just get Vio to post his artwork.....

Or get Randy to give me a linky to his latest website.

Or get Pirate to answer my e-mails!! *glare*

I don't want much. Just... everything. *grin*

Monday, February 27, 2006

Is there a Dr. in the house?

So my little friend Kal (short for Kalshassan), the inventor and teacher of the KOOCHD, and a gorgeous young man, is working on becoming an ambulance service person in Scotland, and I couldn't be more proud of him.

Once over 30 years ago I had to perform artificial respiration on a friend who had collapsed with an epileptic fit - but I never learned how to do CPR, although I'd always intended to take the class.

The company I work for bought a defibrilator unit (spelling?) this month, and are offering a class on how to operate it, and on basic CPR at work in 2 weeks - and I signed up for it.

Here's to you, Kal, you've been an inspiration and motivating force for this old lady. *hugs*