Thursday, April 05, 2007

Today is Friday!

Hah! I bet you all thought it was THURSDAY!
Maundy Thursday, even - if you have that whole Christian thing going.

But the mgmt here gives us "Good" Friday off, so today is Friday for me, yahoodies, I LOVE 3-day weekends.

I've got more to say, but no time to type it now. TTFN!! Have a great Friday!!

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Behaving Badly

There are moments when we all behave badly. Sometimes I feel like I have more than my fair share, and yet I’ve more than once seen others with much more frequent occurrences, so I have to presume I’m somewhere in the “normal” range. One thing about my bouts of anger – they flare hot, they cool slowly, and then usually they’re gone, sometimes leaving a bad taste in my mouth. It usually takes rather a lot of instances of someone working to piss me off for me to put them on the “does not exist” list – the thing that some people consider to be my ability to hold a grudge longer than most anyone.

Take, for example, someone we shall refer to as “Rob” – because that is his name. Rob has spent an awful lot of his online time deliberately snarking at me and trying to find ways to piss me off – trolling, as it were. Rob also publicly “apologizes” for these actions, only to turn around a week later and do the exact same thing again. I have made it clear to everyone in the group that knows both myself and Rob that Rob has crossed the line and is a non-entity in most cases to me.

The only time I’ve come out of the “he’s a non-entity” phase was when I heard he was getting a divorce and just *had* to let him know that it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fellow. Yes, I can be mean like that. I can also spew some rather nasty vitriolic verbiage when attacked without due cause. Oh, I can take whatever is dished at me, and dish 10 times worse in return, no problem. But when it is someone who really probably doesn’t know any better, well… maybe upon further review I should cut him or her some slack.

The other day someone made some unbelievably rude comments to me – suggesting brainlessness for openers – simply because I made a suggestion to them that might have made their writing become more coherent and readable. Needless to say, I retaliated, somewhat repeatedly, and became (as could be expected) progressively more nasty as the attacks continued.

It is upon further review that I consider the source. This individual was from another country, and has some rather warped ideas of what constitutes acceptable behavior toward others here. He or she also began the post with what appeared to be a direct attack on someone whom I consider a friend. That action is a big no-no to me, as I am rather viciously protective of my friends (mama bear mode.) Not that this particular friend needs protection, mind you. I’m sure he can fight for himself.

Yeah, I could just blow this all off and say “Oh, it was PMS” (although at my age that becomes less believable), or try to ignore it, but the more I’ve thought about it, the more I realize that I did, in fact, behave badly. Mona, I’m sorry. I over-reacted to your initial nastiness and didn’t take into consideration what are possibly cultural and informational differences.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled BS from the little blue mouse with big honking yellow ears.

Quote for the day

From rock legend Keith Richards:

"I was number one on the 'Who's Likely To Die' list for 10 years. I mean, I was really disappointed when I fell off the list.

"Some doctor told me I had six months to live and I went to their funeral."

Rock on, Keith.

In other news,
Coyote at Quiznos. Too bad I cant get film at 10.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Wheat Gluten and Pets

Please, please, please - if you have pets:

Go to your cupboard and check everything - treats, food, kibble, dry, wet, pouch... EVERYTHING that you might feed them. If it has Wheat Gluten in it - please throw it away right now.

The FDA is refusing to release the name of the US distributor of the tainted Wheat Gluten that has poisoned many pets - (gee, I wonder if it's some big RNC contributor like... Archer Daniels Midland?) - but the stuff is tainted, and in many many cases lethal.

Now if you don't have pets - go check your own cupboards for foodstuffs containing this stuff. Seems the Chinese company that sold it to the [name withheld by FDA for possibly POLITICAL REASONS] company sold it as FOOD GRADE - not "FEED GRADE" - which means it was sold as being suitable for consumption by humans.

Now go call your congresspersons and demand that something be done immediately - and that the distributor be identified IMMEDIATELY.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Polyester - a fabric made from oil derivitaves - essentially a plastic fabric.

Remember polyester pants from the 60's? The ones that if you sat for any appreciable amount of time would develop "knees" in them that were impossible to get out? Somewhere I still have a pair of those lurking in the "this would make an EXCELLENT cleaning rag" bin in the garage. Gah, I throw out almost nothing that I can't recycle somehow.

Granted, the makers of the plastic fabric have made enormous strides in their work, and now without actually burn-testing, some of their fabrics are so close to the real thing that it's difficult to tell. The one thing that still seems to be universally enduring is that the fabrics do not "breathe", being as they're made out of PLASTIC and all that.

Face it - if you wrap yourself up in a 100% polyester sheet, you are essentially wrapping yourself up in Saran Wrap - a sheet of plastic. Woven, of course, but plastic none the less.

So imagine my surprise when I saw an over-display "banner" ad in K-Mart for some 100% polyester socks that claimed they would keep you cool, because they would "wick away moisture" as cotton can't. How in the bloody hell does PLASTIC do anything other than make your feet sweat more profusely? And "wick away"? How does that work with plastic? More important - plastic vs. cotton???

This is just too funny.

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