Monday, March 18, 2013

Little Flaps of Skin

Amazing how humans put such incredible importance on what amounts to just a few, fragile, little flaps of skin.

Virginity.  At least Female virginity.  Male Virginity is entirely different.  But female?  A tiny flap of skin - often ruptured inadvertently through exercise, horseback riding, etc.  A tiny flap of skin that somehow represents a woman's "chastity" or "purity".   I guess we can forget the fact that she might could have been giving blowjobs to the entire NFL lineup and all the sportscasters - as long as that tiny flap of skin is "intact", she's pure as the driven snow - men will blow themselves up for Allah to get to her...

The worth of a woman has for centuries hinged on this tiny flap of skin.  Never mind if she is as stupid as a box of rocks, if she has a face like a peach-stone.  It matters not - if she is a "virgin", her worth is secured.  Of course, there are oodles of men out there who are more than eager to reduce that value - but when one succeeds, it is not the MALE who is blamed for the reduction in her value (as one would expect, since if one damages the goods of some shop-owner, one is expected to make-good on the reduced value) - no - it is the FEMALE who is automatically at fault.

And then there is the foreskin.  A tiny flap of skin on the end of a man's most priceless treasure, that which he worships with all his heart, and all his mind, and all his soul.  That which a vast majority of the population has created their "god" in the image of.  A god, no less, who has decided that removing this tiny flap of skin will prove the devotion of the man who does so to the deity he has created.  Not everyone agrees.  There are even groups now who are trying to forbid the removal of this tiny flap of skin - calling it "mutilation".

Now, there are those who claim that removal of this little flap is done for cosmetic reasons only.  There are those who claim it is religiously based (see above).  There are also those who claim it is for reasons of health and hygiene.  There are debates on the issue.

I've seen both kinds - cut and uncut.  Honestly, I have no preference.  They're all just silly little willies to me, and hardly worth the extreme adoration given said members by their owners.  So much for cosmetics.

The religious thing is between the family and their deity, IMNSHO.  If they really do believe that offering up a little flapoid of skin off the end of their kid's johnson is going to bring him closer to god... well... weird god, is all I can say.