Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rush LimpBalls taken to hospital with "chest pains"

Everyone over at Huffpo is falling all over themselves trying to out "classy" the WrongWing nuts by "wishing him well".

I'm not that classy.

My personal take is that this couldn't have happened to a more deserving individual, and my supreme hope is that he is incapacitated for the rest of his life and unable to spew his hate-filled venom at his fellow Americans in any way, shape, form or fashion. I wish him all the worst.

"But Sewmouse" I hear you say "Wasn't that last post rather vitriolic and hate-filled? How can you criticize El Rushbo for something you have done too?"


However. I challenge you all to find me one. ONE. O-N-E American Liberal Female Progressive person who has ever tried to detonate a bomb on an airliner for "Allah". You do that, and I'll STFU about religous extremeism. Hell, I will shut up about Rush limpballs too - maybe.

Because really, when it comes right down to it, political "conservatism" is really a religion. They BELIEVE in their Corporate Deity, and worship the almighty Dollar.

So - Here's to an extended, hideously painful & expensive hospitalization, Rush. Don't get well soon.

Monday, December 28, 2009

To All the Al-Queda wannabes and friends

It is my understanding - and I may in fact be wrong - that your major complaint is that we aren't like you. We don't follow Islam, or Islamic law. We don't make our women hide themselves in unsightly tents because you can't keep your peckers in line. For the most part, we don't go around wasting our time worrying about other people's religious beliefs or "morals". We leave those kind of things between each individual and his/her deity.

We don't cower in fear and give in to fucktards like you. We don't go the appeasement route. We will hunt you down. We will bomb your countries back to the stone age you seem to prefer to live in. Your once-proud civilizations will never again rise, because you refuse to fix your OWN problems, but choose to try and inflict them on US. DIE IN A FIRE - and if that fire has to be the fire from nuclear missiles - then so be it, you will have chosen your own fate, Swine.

It seems you've tried again to blow up an airplane. Tried. You're not going to succeed, fuckers, because we are aware now. We are alert. We aren't going to let your fucktard murderers get away with it. We won't sit like sheep in the plane and not fight back. You fucked up on 9/11/01 - and we don't forget easily - and we forgive grudgingly - if ever. For my part - I will never forget, and I will NEVER forgive.

You fucked up again with this Nigerian boy. You seem to not get it - the more you try to force your despicable "Allah" on us - the less inclined we will be to acquiese to your desire. Allahu ain't akbar enough to cut through MY stubbornness. I would rather spend eternity in hell than even a fleeting moment in "paradise" with the likes of you misogynist pigs. I will purchase a gun and learn to shoot it if that is what it takes to keep you from forcing me into one of your shapeless "Abaya" or "Hijab" or "Burka". And if you think I'm going to take off my bra, lift my shirt and shake my tits at you - you've got several MILLION "thinks" coming, Asswipes.

I spit on your Quran.


The extent to which you NEED your car is directly dis-proportional to the availability of said vehicle.

When deprived of your transport, 10,000 reasons why you simply MUST get your ass to Walgreens come to mind. Sweats, chills, shaking et al may accompany the feelings of entrapment.

Once said vehicle has been returned.... it will doubtless sit for the better part of the 4-day weekend in the driveway gathering copious amounts of sn*w.

Silly, really.