Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday... ahhh

What a lovely day outside. I've already accomplished a ton at home, and a lot here at the office too.

I hope I can keep up the momentum once I get home tonite. I'd love to get myself set up with a lot of chores behind me come Monday.

Also want to get me some quilting done, and some piecing too. I've got this idea...

Hopefully in a few months, I'll have a very pretty delicate lace tablecloth for my bedroom endtable. I wish I could use it in the livingroom, but Mindi and Kili wouldn't let me. It promises to be as wonderful as the one Grandma Rennhack used to have on the small round table in the livingroom (I have the table, it's in MY livingroom - but until the cats are gone, no lace tablecloths!!)

I want an aspidistra. I gotta find someplace that sells them.

Well, he's off and running - soon, if not already. Kal, a super-long-time friend (watched him grow up online.. *smile*) has started his classes to become a part of the Ambulance Service...

Good luck, Kal, take bajillions (exact number) of photos!!

They're wrapping houses near mine in Tyvek, then covering them with aluminum siding. I am ambivalent about aluminum siding. Part of me thinks it would be awesome - especially the no more peeling and cracking bad paint jobs, part of me does not want my fence screwed up and my flower garden trampled by construction workers.

I need to remember to take the lemonade powder mix out of my car trunk (boot to you UK'ers). Someone remind me, k?


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Movie Reviews!

Went to see "The DaVinci Code" yesterday. Good movie. I recommend.

Only a few things were not to my taste.

Tom Hanks is an excellent actor. He does, however, have a VERY distinctive voice. When he was just moving, or "doing" things, he was completely believeable. Every time he opened his mouth and spoke - *wham* - Tom Hanks.

Same thing with the "Grail expert" guy. Great acting... but... He's Gandalf.

Sorta blows the "total immersion" effect for me. Also, during the obligatory "car chase" scene, Ron Howard uses the annoying "hi-tech quick-flash, strobe" type effect to indicate speed. I hate that effect. It annoys me, rather than places me in a more "real" sensation.

Other than that, I really liked the effects and the way the plot of the movie synched with the book. Great adaptation.

As for the subject matter? Well - I don't discuss that crap. It's an interesting work of fiction. The author ACKNOWLEDGES it as a work of fiction in the front of the book. Those folks who choose to take offense are... IMNSHO - Morons.

But then, I am, if naught else - an Iconoclast at heart.