Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A lot of places have been pushing the "You're Fired" meme wrt Donnie's pretend presidency candidacy. Face it people - nobody in his/her right mind would ever HIRE a temperamental, thin-skinned, foolish, poorly attired, hairline deficient bozo like Donnie. "You're Not Hired" would be far more apropos.

The Shrub family is quietly trying to sneak Jeb past the general population's Early Bush Warning System. Be aware, Shrubs, I will fight tooth, nail and knee-to-the-scrotum to keep Jebbie out of the Oval office. Or the round, square, octagonal or parallelogram offices.

A little extra warmth certainly does do some amazing things to lettuces and peas. Squash and beans, not so much. Although I am kind of wondering if the Evil Grey Cat from Hell might not have done some digging in the beans and squash. Either that or Mr. Nibbles, the squirrel. If it is Mr. Nibbles, I won't mind as much. EGCfH, however is fat enough and does not need to eat my beans and squaches.

I am going to take a few days off work this weekend to do more gardening and spring cleaning. I am also going to take a couple photos of grandma's chair and see if I can get a quote from an upholstry place on how much to make it "like new, except pink".