Saturday, December 30, 2006

I don't know

I don't know how I feel this morning after hearing the news that they executed Saddam Hussein over in Iraq last nite.

I'm not surprised or anything - other than a certain mild surprise because there wasn't the big "build up" that we have over here before an execution. That man was never going to get a fair trial, and there was never any doubt in my mind that the people from an area where "an eye for an eyelash and all your teeth for a small cavity" is the norm. Those people put him through that whole kangaroo court with no intention of EVER coming back with any verdict other than "Hang him".

But he was a very very bad, bad, monkey man. Brought down from power by another very very bad, bad, monkey man.

My feelings are kind of numb on this matter.

751 days

Friday, December 29, 2006

Ahhh... Drugs...

Ok, first off, for all you kiddies out there - DRUGS ARE BAD...M'kayyyy?

Flexeril is good. Flexeril is very good. I now have about twice the range of pain-free motion in my arm as I had last nite, and although I'm still not completely healed up, a few more pain-free nights should be just the ticket.

The Dr. took some test or another, requiring a very small amount of blood, and then declared that my blood range thing was 6.6 instead of the 7.1 it had been so he was going to leave the meds alone for now and let me get on with diet and (ugh) exercise.

So, so far, so good, I guess.

It's been overcast and grey here for a week. Not bad weather, just dreary. My battle with the spiders and my pack-rat-itis continues, today I take another 4 trash bags full of crap to various and sundry donations-accepting places.

752 days

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Today I have to go to the Dr. again. Ugh.

However, maybe I can do something about this muscle spasm that's been pestering me since the snowstorm a while back. I think I pulled something rather nastily when trying to sweep the heavy snow off my car, and every night my arm and shoulder hurt like crazy. I'm fair certain it's a muscle spasming. Me - the spaz case. *sigh*

Anyhow - got a lot to do, the laundry is almost all done, the kitchen is looking better and I have a TON of trash to take to the curb, since I've decided that if I haven't worked on something in over 20 years, I'm probably never going to do.

Also need to make a few stops at the postal orifice, the grocery store and somewhere that I can buy a pretty bow for a present that still needs to be wrapped. My friend from Tennessee is in town and I need to get that taken care of.

Otherwise, the week off has been relaxing and productive. If I can just get this arm/shoulder thing fixed up, I'll feel great.

753 days

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Been reading around some on a lot of blogs. Have found some interesting insights from some unusual places.

What I've really found is that those who have some concern with spirituality, whether in the form of organized religion or not, tend to talk about it to one extent or another. There are some atheists out there, who aren't concerned about it, and there are some "anti-theists" out there who seem bound and determined to be rude and obnoxious to anyone who is. What I find unfortunate is that most of the poeple who do the most of the talking are convinced, beyond any doubt, that they have found "the way" and that if everyone else isn't following THEIR path, they're wrong.

What I've seen is that each of us is given a path - a means to connect to the divine - the "deity" if you will. These paths aren't all going to be the same. There are too many things that need to be addressed, and if we all concentrate on just one of these things, while IT will become less of a problem, the rest of the world will go to hell in a handbasket.

If we only concentrate on one aspect of the whole, then everything tips wrong in another direction. In order to fix poverty, hunger, the environment, war, and everything else that needs attention, we have to work on them all at once, and that's just a bit too much to ask from anyone who can give enough to make any sort of difference to the whole. This needs to be a group effort, and each of us needs to find their own "small bit for the whole" and work at that.

I've made my choice, based on what I can personally do, and it isn't blogging. That's my outlet. This is my emotional overload safety valve. This is where my angst gets to come out and play, because it has to stay bottled up most of the time in "real life".

So if I don't seem to be paying enough attention to your personal pet project for improving the planet - understand that perhaps that's not the part of the whole that I've found to be my path. But I don't think your part sucks, just because it isn't mine - ok?

754 days

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Boxing Day

Whilest on the subject of the imaginary "War on Christmas", it occurred to me that not only do I not know how to spell occurred, but that a major sticking point for the Religious Wrong is that the ACLU is working with other religious groups who are not happy about "Nativity Scenes" at public places.

You will note - PUBLIC PLACES. I have never yet heard of the ACLU trying to get someone to take down a nativity scene on their own private property, nor one from a church property. Apparently this scare tactic is being used by the Religious Wrong, however. I know that Dad believes that they are "trying to do that".

When I was growing up, we lived in a small suburb of Chicago - almost in "the country", as there were still gravel and dirt roads and cornfields and woods all around us. The neighbors were all religous folks - Next door was a good catholic family with 6 boys, next to them a baptist family with 2 kids, then the 2 Lutheran retired ladies, across the street a couple of methodist families, and over the other direction, my best friend was catholic...

And lots of folks would put out those light-up plastic nativity scenes. And every year, SOMEONE would come thru and steal, or bend, fold and mutilate the baby Jesuses out of a few of them. I can assure you, it WASNT the ACLU - and back then Dad would complain about "Those Darn Kids" (nobody knew who... but it HAD to be kids, yes?)

Never a mention about the ACLU or a "War on Christmas". Oh, sometimes folks would get pissy because someone would abreviate and say "xmas", but it really wasn't the huge deal. And no, to my remembering mind, I don't recall there being a creche scene at the town hall building. Just bells and lights and Santa.

Ok, guys? There IS NO WAR ON CHRISTMAS - get over it. Get past it. Think for yourself. Read everything. Question everything. The real war, George W. Bush's Illegal and Immoral War is real - and it has now, officially - at Christmas - killed more American Soldiers than Osama Bin Laden did on 9/11.

How about fighting for peace on earth for a change?

755 days

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

To all who celebrate - Merry Christmas

You will notice I did not say Xmas. I did not say Happy Holidays. I did not say "Season's Greetings"

Now, if you would, please give me the gift that will keep giving all year and stop listening to Limbaugh, Coulter, O'Reilly and their friends, and use your brain, the one your God gave to you - and think for yourself.

The only way that anyone can "destroy" Christmas is if YOU allow it. Go ahead, say Merry Christmas. Say it to everyone you meet today - this week, whenever. Ignore anyone who gives you a dirty look. If anyone tries to stop you, trot out the old 1st Amendment - that's what it's THERE for! Stop being a victim, especially when there really is NOBODY trying to victimize you. Stop looking for imaginary evils, and do something about the REAL evils - the evils of imperialism, nationalism, war, lies and hatred.

Merry Christmas, Dad.

756 days

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Great Jello Fiasco

So I go to make jello for the jello salad for the office pot-luck on Friday.
Thursday morning I make lime jello and put it in the fridge.
Thursday nite I make cherry jello and put it in the fridge.
Friday morning I whip up sweet cream and add sugar and take out what SHOULD be two very well-set pans of jello to cut up and add to the whipped cream...

and I have 2 pans of jello soup.

I cried.

Then I made another 2 boxes of lime jello - and instead of using cold water, I used ice cubes and some more whipping cream... and this time it came out ok, but not as nice as I wanted. I hate jello.

757 days