Thursday, July 27, 2006

WWIII - Thank you, Tyrant Bush

I read the news today, Oh Boy...

Israel is fighting back - fighting back hard, and while the sentiment in my mind is "Yes - it's time to do something about those who are shelling and attacking your country" - Israel is not planning to do just that. It appears that Israel is looking for their own "Final Solution" - and have forgotten the 1930's and 1940's and how poorly that turned out for the aggressors.

And truthfully - this is all the Tyrant George Bush's fault. Had he not, from the FIRST DAYS of his regime, planned and schemed to destabilize the region by illegally, immorally and ill-advisedly invading Iraq, things would have remained "strained" but not escalated in this manner.

This is the beginning of WWIII - and I fear for the outcome. I fear for those who have loved ones living or vacationing in Lebanon - both Arab and Western. I fear for the Israeli people who are, like myself, powerless to stop a government gone mad.

I fear for the world - because the Tyrant George Bush's eyes are said to have lit up with glee when he learned how to unleash the power of the USA's nuclear arsenal.

I fear for the world - because this isn't about "terrorism" anymore, it's not about land-grabbing in the Middle East - it isn't about oil. Thanks to the Tyrant Bush and his cabalistic evil regime, this is now about Moslems everywhere HATING Americans, just because we are American. Just because we were born here. Regardless of anything else we have or have not done since birth. No matter that I did everything legal in my personal power to thwart the re-election of the Tyrant and his minions.

It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it.

Why don't I feel fine?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Shell Gone? Bob Lives On. Why me?

So I go to get gas last night and the Shell station on the corner has Indiana Religious Icons (orange traffic cones) at all of the pumps - can't get gas at all. WTF? I was gonna get the gas, then get the car washed. I got gas this morning at the Marathon (7 cents/gallon cheaper) but this is worrisome. I will have to check more closely tonight.

Bob, in the meanwhile, lives on in my rearview mirror. This morning again there was yet another attempt at web-building going on, and again I thwarted it, and again he did a bit of bungee jumping. To be perfectly honest, I'm getting a bit bored and annoyed with Bob. However, since the Shell station was nonfunctional last nite, I didn't get the car washed yet, so I haven't been able to powerwash him into a new existance. Soon.

So I call to get my results from the Dr. office. "You have diabetes - go get more tests done".

Now I'm thirsty constantly (was only at night before). I feel lightheaded - I'm afraid to eat anything for fear I'll trigger some insulin event thingy. I'm really depressed and ready to just say FUCK IT ALL - between the heart crap and this and being unable to exercise and stuff. Why do I have to keep going on when going on sucks so much?


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

BOB LIVES!!!!!!!!

So this morning, I"m on my way in to work and I see something spinning in the wind-wake from my side rear-view mirror again - BOB!!

He tried to spin a web from the top of the window to the mirror and down to the doorframe, but the wind-wake tore most of it apart. After one episode of "bungee jumping" he learned - he crawled back into the mirror housing again.

When I got to work, I disconnected the web from the window and door. While this may seem cruel, I really have no desire to have a pet spider living in my outside door mirror. Sorry folks, I'm just heinous that way.

So sometime tonight I will stop at the gas station that has the carwash and have Bob power-washed out of the mirror housing. Hopefully he will survive and scurry out and spin a web somewhere at the carwash instead of on my car.

Viva Bob!!
Just... Viva somewhere other than my car. Kthksbye

Sunday, July 23, 2006


It appears the trauma was too much for Bob.

His body is still stuck in the crack between the mirror and the plastic cover. I haven't seen him move in 2 days.

RIP, Bob.
In your next life - perhaps you will not do bungee jumping.