Friday, March 14, 2008

Geese on the Sunrise

It was chilly this morning, frost on the windshield and all that, but as I drove over the arch of the bridge over the hideously mis-named Elgin/O'Hare Expressway (which goes to neither Elgin, nor O'Hare), the sky was a pale, pale blue with those thin, wispy and slightly lumpy silver clouds, and the newborn sun rising behind them. A wedge of geese flew north through the sunrise.

I would have taken a photo, but they were winging it fairly quickly, and I'm not sure this cheap camera would have shown anything other than a dark blur against the beautiful sunrise, and you all would have been sending me packets of lens papers and micro-fiber cloth to clean my camera's nose.

It would appear that Spring is actually springing. While there is still a mound of ice in the back garden area, each night when I come home it's a bit smaller, and some of the plants from last year have a bit of green showing, primarily the Iris.

I'm looking forward to late spring this year because I'm interested to see which of my perennials that I planted last year have survived and thrived. I'm hoping the Lavendar does, I also hope the Peony has been fruitful and multiplied. The Daffodils take care of themselves, mostly, and I would like to see some better flowering on the pink Bleeding Heart, as last year it was a bit scanty and only the all-white ones did well.

I think I will try to grow peppers this year. The woman next door did some last year and got a lot of good-sized bell peppers and some jalapenos. Can't hurt, and certainly can't do any worse than the unsuccessful zucchini!

Been pouring over the seed catalogs - I wish I had enough of a yard to plant a real veggie garden again like I had in Denver. I don't miss much about Colorado, but I sure do miss the old house. Some day I will have to go back again and visit my tree. Maybe I'll remember to bring my farking camera and take a photo of it.

311 Days

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Philosophy and Migraines

I have, over the last 24 hours, managed to solve all of the world's problems. It's all a matter of... well... I don't remember. Every time I get a headache I can do this - but I never remember.

See, I had a migraine last nite. Most of the night. Hurt like 100000 motherf*ckers motherf*cking. When I have these migraine headaches, I can't do much more than lay down in a very dark, very quiet room with a glass of tepid tea and a straw. It's about all I can do (physically) to sip a bit of tea from time to time without hurling.

My brain, however, goes on overtime. Thinking, philosophizing, and problem-solving. The only trouble is, memory is being utilized by the WTFOMGHEADACHE module, and retention is nil.
You would think that maybe having another person present to take notes would take care of the retention bit - but that would mean actual noise of a pen scratching on paper, a person breathing - and my own voice. Nope, no can do. Need complete silence and darkness.

Take notes myself? Shirley, you jest! (/bad "Airplane" joke)

So until they invent mental-telepathy-input to my computer - I guess we're all still screwed. Sorryyyyyyy.

312 Days

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Benjamin Franklin was a Sadistic Bastard

According to the movie "National Treasure" (and considering how easy it actually would be to Google the truth, I'm going to assume that Bruckheimer, et al did their homework), Benjamin Franklin is responsible for the idea of "Daylight Savings Time".

Fall back. I can deal with that. The extra hour of sleep - or play - or cleaning - or whatever - is always welcome. I like being on-time or early for work for a week or so while my body adjusts.

The problem is with this past weekend - "Spring Ahead". No. I don't want to. I want to stay laid back in my Fall Back time zone and forget this "Spring Ahead" nonsense. I'm TIRED, dammit!! It's only 7:30, I should just NOW be getting dressed and driving to work, well-rested and perky, instead of glowering at my computer screen, hovering protectively over my cup of coffee and trying to remember if this is Tuesday, and what needs doing if it is.

If the farking government is going to force this on us annually, then I think they should be paying for FREE STARBUCKS FOR EVERYONE FOR THE WEEK.

Yours Snoozefully,

I couldn't take myself out to dinner for Amanda's birthday last nite, as I forgot it was Monday nite and all the Chinese restaurants in the area are closed on Mondays. I don't know why. Apparently it's the holy day of take-out-in-white-boxes or something.

314 Days

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The weekend slowly seeps away

There's really never enough weekend in a weekend - even in a 3-day weekend, which this wasn't, but should be, but oh well, cry in my soup.

I didn't do anything of substance this weekend. And I don't give a rat's.
I'm going to have leftover tuna casserole for dinner - and I don't give a rat's.

I spent this weekend relaxing and reading and doing a lot of "me" things instead of chores, chores, chores - and I not only don't give a rat's, I'm fairly smug about it.

Of course this means work after work this week, but... meh.

Tomorrow I will take myself out for Amanda's birthday. I would take Amanda out too, but she is far, far away and it would be murder to try and commute it - Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

For Amanda - who wants photos of the cats - and for Croila, who wanted to see a picture of Kili with JUST HER HEAD under my stepstool, sleeping - Here you go:

Kili has, however, also on occasion lately hidden ALL of her under this same stepstool - see below:

Well, all of her except a smidge of tail, I guess. The lump in the foreground is Mindi, the Fat Kitty. They are litter-mates, and they have the most gorgeous blue eyes.
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