Friday, March 30, 2007

Terrorist Teens

You might want to think twice about flying on Continental Airlines - especially if you are prone to allergies or think you might catch a cold on your trip. Apparently a new wave of terrorist threat has exposed itself and you may be in severe danger from COUGHING TEENAGERS!!!!!!!!!


(Jezus H. Christ on a pogostick - fucking TSA has turned everyone into a bunch of blithering idiots. THIS IS WHY I WON"T FLY ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!)

Another damn meme thingy - *sigh*

Dear Sweet Betmo has tagged and recommended my blog in hers in one of those chain-letteresque "meme" thingys, and since the only requirement is to list 5 blogs you read regularly and why, (allegedly thereby "tagging" them) I guess I can do this.

God Uncensored - BBC - Granted, BBC isn't for everyone. He's kind of an "aquired taste" - he's also more like Loki or Puck than any of the other "gods" you may have encountered before (What fools these mortals be!) but once you get past his occasionally heavy-handed teasing you can see the kind-hearted and playful guy underneath.

Trauma Queen Kal - I've known this guy since he was a shy teenager just venturing out into the 'net in a chatroom. Kal has grown from that shy teen into an extraordinary young man with a great profession - he's works for the ambulance service in Scotland. His take on the job, his "clients" and co-workers is great, not to mention his day-to-day life and interactions with friends both big and small. He has a real talent for writing, and I love him dearly so there, phtthhhbbhhtt.

Ron and Budi - Ok, maybe this doesn't officially count as a "blog", but Ron and Buddy have an ongoing daily "saga" that is a joy to read and puts a smile on my face every morning wider than the one the coffee gives me.

Teffania's Garb - Teffania doesn't post a lot, but when she does, it's always a fascinating read. Her depth of research and her interesting conclusions based on that research are a bit of the sort of thing I wish I had the talent for but don't.

Black Iris of Jordan - Read this blog. You don't have to agree with all of it, and some of the "comments" will probably piss you off if you're American, but this guy has class, he's articulate, and he shows the "humanity" - the "Every Day Joe" side of people in the Middle East, rather than just the screaming hordes of "Allahu Akbar Death to Americans" that we see on TV and in the MSM news.

681 days

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Amnesia Epidemic in Washington D.C.

Considering the number of times we have heard the words "I do not recall that" from members of the Evil Bush Regime in the last 2 years, I am seriously concerned that there may, in fact, have been an evil Al Quaeda plot that has been hatched to subvert our government by contaminating water or air or food supplies in such a fashion that those who report to the Pretender to the Presidency and his minions are afflicted with some form of short-and-long-term memory loss.

On occasion, this contagion seems to have reached into the ranks of the white house press corps, and so must be caused by something that can, in fact, be ingested either orally or nasally, one presumes.

Right now the focus is on GonzoGate - and while the horrors in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere are never far from my mind, it occurs to me that the more angles from which this Evil Tyrant is questioned, forced to comply, and forced to explain - the sooner it will be possible for the TRUTH to come out, for BINDING resolutions, for TIMETABLES, for veto overrides, and for an end to this nightmare.

382 682 days.
(Thanks, BBC - I guess it was wishful thinking)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just when you think it's safe...

Ok, so I've been doing this massive housecleaning and lifestyle reworking of late, and yes, I can tell there's progress being made although most other people probably could not.

This morning I found the drugs I lost 2 days ago, which is a good thing, because I dropped the prescription bottle as I was taking it out of the Walgreens bag, and so I would have had to wait a whole MONTH before I could replace them, which would have sucked, but I found them, Yahoo, they'd rolled under the chair.

On the other hand, I've managed to probably blow out the belt on the vacuum cleaner, because I accidently vacummed up a piece of satin ribbon that was hanging off the cedar chest and before I could get the thing turned off, I smelled rubber...

Man, if it wasn't for weird luck.

Anyhow - It's rainy and yucky here today, but I'm feeling good anyhow and plan to do some more tonite, including hopefully untangling the vacuum and getting the rest of the carpet vacc'ed. Amazes me how 3 days after being shampooed, the carpet needs vaccing again, but it seems that the furry ones have decided that tracking kitty litter and kibble all over the house is the latest kitty fad. *sigh*

Back to the grindstone.

P.S.: I spilled a whole bowl full of Kashi and milk on the carpet trying to pick up that bottle of drugs. I hate mornings.

683 days

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Deep Thoughts - grab your waders

The last few weeks have been rather busy in Washington and the blogosphere. Everywhere you turn, it seems another scandal is erupting, another bit of political shenanigans is being exposed, another act of official misconduct is gaining the limelight.

My first thought was that this is so reminiscent of the last gasps of the Nixon era. As Tricky Dickey’s house of cards began to fall, it seemed that weekly - daily even - more things were brought to light.

But this time around, it seems as if the corruption is much larger, more widespread, less specific and more all encompassing.

Is it more, is it different? Or are we just so much more in-tune to our surroundings that we now see these abuses of power sooner? Do we now have so much more ability to see into the world that the general illumination puts into stark focus the "dark areas" that the government would like us to not notice?

With the speed, accessibility and semi-anonymity of the Internet, people are able to reach such a large, widespread audience, within minutes. The Firedoglake live blog coverage of the Irving Lewis Libby trial is a prime example. Except for the final verdict, (during which the volume of interested users crashed their servers!) Firedoglake scooped most of the traditional news outlets on the testimony and "feeling" of the trial. Their analysis was spot-on, and the verdict was very near what they had projected.

I suppose it's possible that the Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Shrub1, and Clinton administrations were all as corrupt and vile as this one. I suppose it's possible that we just did not have the abundance of tools at our disposal (remember AOL and the annoying blue-line downloads?) at those times to become as connected, as tuned-in, as informed as we are now.

I suppose it's possible. I don't believe it. But I suppose it is possible. Honestly, though - if I choose to believe this, that makes me no better than the 23%ers.

684 days

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunshine and Fresh Air

The weather has taken a turn for the "yummy" - bright sunny day, fresh warmish breeze and NO WASPS YET!! This is why I love Spring. In autumn, the weather is the same, but the yellowjackets are out in force by then. Bleuch.

Having spent the entire weekend being a couch-potato, the new week is a "fresh start" too. I'm adding another "chore" to my daily chores list, which is only a 5-minute thing, so it should be do-able. IF there isn't another bad wave of depression anytime soon, I may be able to coax myself into seeing all this as "habit" reformed and manage to get things heading back toward the tracks. (Not necessarily ON track yet - but headed toward...)

On the down-side, during the couch-potatoness, the DVD player breathed its last. RIP, Mr. DVD Player, you served me well for over 8 years. Your replacement will cost somewhat less than you did. I shall not mourn, though you leave me with another mass of tangled cords to unravel. Sears Small Appliance Dept. here I come. I think I'll have to stop at Menards too and pick up a couple sets of toilet guts. The downstairs one has a broken handle and a leaky rubber plug - the upstairs one has a tempremental flushing mechanism. bleh. I hate doing plumbing.

Ok - off to work. Tha Boss is back - I better behave.

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