Friday, September 05, 2008

Daily News

Quote of the Day:

"Jesus was a Community Organizer. Pontius Pilate was a Governor"

One thing I've noticed lately. It seems even the Lib'ruls and Democrats seem to be having "if the guy isn't perfect, we're gonna lose" syndrome. I noticed this a lot during the primarys, but it seemed to back off a bit for a while. Now it's starting up again.

OMGWTFBBQ!!!11ONE they shout. Obama belched in a speech - WE"RE GONNA LOSE

OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!!!11!!ELEVENTYONE!!!! they scream - Palin told a lie - EVERONE WILL BELIEVE IT - WE'RE GONNA LOSE!!!!!!

People please! Calm down. Take a chill pill. We've done well so far with being more proffesional, more "truthy", more believable and hopeful than the other guys. Losing our cool now will only GUARANTEE a loss. Be calm. Realize that the only thing you can have for a President is a Human Being, and human beings are NEVER perfect.

Definitely keep the pressure on the Governor From Nowhere - but let the candidate take the high road. It's delightful to see the Enquirer covering the election so thoroughly. *snicker*

So I saw a clip from Jon Stewart - a "what they said then/now" piece featuring Bill O'Reilly and Kkkarl Rove. SOMEWHERE I also saw a clip of O'Reilly spluttering and fuming and claiming he never said it, it was out of context and the Libruls were out to get him...

Paranoia much, Billy?

See - I know Paranoia. Just because I'm paranoid, doesn't mean everyone is NOT out to get me. But it's not being "out to get you" when someone shows what a disgusting hypocrit you are on television when you make these statements of yours publicly, Billy Dear.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sewmouse Message Service:

@ Babzy:

Got your message in the comments, have been more than a little whelmed and forgot to say "Good on you - let me know where you land when you start up again - I've missed you, girl!"


Due to some filter or other here at work, I cannot access your blog anymore. Well, I can sorta, but then I get an error message and it locks up my browser and spits at me. I can only read from home, and what with all that "whelmed" stuff, I'm sorry I haven't commented.

@ Amanda

Mindi apparently does have some sort of kidney function problem. I have to get a pee sample to the vet for them to rule out the possibility of an infection (What does one do for a cat with a kidney infection? They won't even SNIFF cranberry juice...) However, the vet thinks it may be an age-related issue. Apparently cats have normal life span of about 12-14 years, and with these two being around 15-16 years old, I've had a lot of "bonus" time with them in their old ladyness.


So do you think that enough people are willing to believe that Palin is as politically ready for the presidency as Sen. Clinton thought she was - and that they'll vote for one vagina as quickly as another?

This is one woman who feels that the Republicans made their VP selection in order to manipulate women whom they felt were too stupid to look beyond the XX chromosome issue and find out what the candidate REALLY believed in. I am disgusted with this blatant gender pandering attempt.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Fat Kitty

Mindi - the fat kitty. Now it's official. The vet says so. I'm supposed to try and figure out a way to limit her food. Unfortunately, with Kili the nibbler, that will be very difficult.

The x-ray shows that Mindi has a (possibly genetic) fused disc abnormality in her spine, and a couple of arthritic areas. This, coupled with her excess poundage is apparently what is causing her to walk funny.

I'm very, VERY relieved. While I may not be able to do much to help her, at least she isn't sick. The results from the blood tests will come back tomorrow - I hope all the news is this good.

138 days

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Not so much Labor day.

What a lovely weekend it was. Saturday I kind of goofed off around the house, and sniffed as everyone in the neighborhood made grilled steaks & burgers. This trying to cut back the cholesterol thing is killing me - oatmeal =/= red meat in terms of epicurian delight. I had a lot of oatmeal for breakfast, and then some beans and a FCB (Flattened Chicken Breast) for dinner. Maybe if I'd had some bruschetta to top the FCB it would have been tastier.

Sunday I did my shopping chores. I went to Menards and saved big money, I bought a shower rod and some new hanger thingys. I didn't really want the shower rod, but in order to get the "Flanges" which is apparently the technical term for the metal dowhatzits that keep it firmly against the wall, I had to buy a rod as well. Not like it cost a fortune or anything.

While I was there I checked out their halloween decorations display. Adorable. There is a pirate boat, and a "Zombie Hotel". My friend Pirate would adore it. I need to tell him about them.

Then I went to the Petco and got some cat food, kitty litter, another shedding brush, and some "waterless shampoo" for cats. Mindi is SOOOOOOOOO full of shedding and fur bits and dander, I would wash her, but I'm sure not wanting her to scratch me to bits. I still have scars on my wrists from when we picked her and her brothers up to see if they were boy or girl kittens.

I hope the "shampoo" works. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY - I drop off Mindi at the vet in the morning for her x-rays, then pick back up after work. She's gonna hate me.

Glad to see the latest hurricane didn't wipe out anyplace quite as bad as Katrina. There's another one headed for SE US - I think that one will miss Dad too. Despite all the doom & gloom predictions, it seems that things have been relatively "normal" again for the hurricane season so far.

The cicadas are going to drive me crazy. I hate their singing, singing, singing - to all hours of the night. Cicada wild parties. Damn their red shiny eyes.

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