Friday, February 01, 2008

On "Pop Culture"

It's all over the news, Heath Ledger died. Apparently this is some kind of tragedy. Not that dying isn't always a tragedy to your family and friends, but this is supposedly a newsworthy tragedy - and I'm sure other than a very short and inexpensive Obit in the local rag, I'll not get much in the way of news if it is me kicking the proverbial bucket.

I have no real clue who this "Heath Ledger" was. An actor, apparently, as they keep bringing up that he played a gay cowboy. I had no interest in seeing "Brokeback Mountain", so I really have no idea if he was such a talented actor as to make his death an international newsworthy "Tragedy" or not.

Caffeine "Energy Drinks". Bleh. They taste like warm, flat lemon-lime gatorade. Eugh. Even when they are cold, they taste warm. Why not just drink coffee? I'm unimpressed - and the fact that a model who bears a very striking resemblence to Paris the Drunken Sleaze is used advertising one of them on a billboard on my way to work is reason enough to NEVER buy one!!!

Speaking of the Drunken Sleaze - why do we care? Why do we see her name, or that of the Drunken Bald Mommy, all over Yahoo News every freaking week? Granted, she has a shapely little skinny body - but other than that (Grampa is NOT giving her his billions), what is so fascinating about this brainless twat? Or is that the point, boys? *snicker*

It's getting to where I feel like a stranger in a strange land... the world I knew is gone, and there is this cellophane-wrapped neon-colored strobe-lighted fantasyland that is replacing it.

I'm unimpressed.

353 days

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Strange things on the way home from work

You know those little dangly "air freshener" things that hang from rear-view mirrors in cars?

Usually shaped like dolphins or pine trees or flowers?

This guy behind me had one. Not unusual. What was unusual was the "saying" that was on it. It was just a white square... You know how people use a "heart" symbol for "love"? Like "I (heart) my Rottweiler" bumper stickers?

This guy was advertising that he (heart) his penis.






I stop at my favorite store on the way home to buy a telephone cable because I'm going to do some furniture-moving in the livingroom and will need a longer telephone cable. In I go, and out I come with a cable, a packet of "Twinkies", a DVD, 2 air-fresheners, a candle and a package of socks.

And parked not 10 inches from my driver-side door is a fucking grey Hummvee.

There isn't enough room between his fucking tank and my door for a fucking anorexic supermodel to get into my car, much less pudgy lil' me.

And this asswipe is on his cellphone in the driver's seat - rather POINTEDLY ignoring me.

So he gets out, and starts in to the store, at which point I say loud enough for the folks in the next county to hear "So, I guess I'll have to wait for him to get done shopping to move his TANK so I can get in my car"

He comes back "It's just a big car..."

"You've parked it on the line - I cannot possibly get into my car with your TANK there - could you please move it?"

General Patton got into his tank in a huff and moved off 6 slots further away from me. Worked for me. Fucking asshat. What, just because HE doesn't care about the environment means I have to wait for him to get done shopping in order to drive home?

Not bloody likely.

I'll try and download that "Trillian" thing tonite after work, V. Thanks.

354 days

Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Cold Day in Paradise

I type this at lunch at work. The home computer is doing strange things with the internets.

For instance - my Vonage VOIP works fine - except when I call my Dad, when it cuts in and out. Dad swears it is NOT his hearing aid. My blog lets me log in from work, but only about 1/2 the time from home.

My IM programs only stay "on" for minutes - sometimes seconds - at a time. Then they make me go "offline" - even though the modem looks fine and I can still look at webpages and blogs and stuff.

I am thinking this may be a "drivers" or compatibility issue (I haven't upgraded the IM software for years...) - but the last 2 weeks I've been too sick to deal with it - upper respiratory infection, laryngitis and the cough that rocked so much it's a good thing I wasn't near the San Andreas Fault or they'd have to make a new 49 state flag.

It's been cold and miserable, cold and clear, cold and snowy - and cold and cold.

I swear my local Starbucks has decided to take a page from the "Office Space"/T.G.I. Friday's handbook. The baristas are wearing lots of little "bling bling" pins and stickers on their aprons - and the guy at the drivethru window treats me with the kind of familiarity you'd expect from a guy who thinks he's trying to get laid...

All I want is my fucking coffee, please - and a blueberry scone.


Went to Jewel Foods to pick up a few odd items - NO MORE!! They have TELEVISION at the checkouts now.... EUUUGGGHHHHHHHH.

357 days