Monday, October 14, 2013

Bagger Baiting

I've come up with a new game. It's really easy to play, and works best on social media - although newsblogs like Huffington Post or Daily Kos work well too.

The name of the game is "Bagger Baiting". The point of the game is to troll "Tea Party" baggers into mouth-frothing idiocy. While many of them start off in this state - it is seriously fun to poke and prod their fellowbaggers along to join them.

There are a few rules:

1) No cussing. Cussing requires use of the "Swear Jar" - proceeds go to me.
2) You must present totally TRUTHFUL, legitimate arguments, and be prepared to slap down a link to a neutral news site to back yourself up.
3) As soon as one of them plays the "n" word card(nazi), you must be prepared to immediately invoke Godwin's Law.
4) Under no circumstances should you ever allow yourself to be provoked to breaking Godwin's Law.
5) Remember, Free Republic, Foxnews, and other bagger sites are NOT legitimate links, and such needs to be emphasized.
6) The use of foul language, name-calling or causing the invocation of Godwin's Law automatically constitutes a "win" for you. Take a shot - or chug a beer - or just LYFWAO.

A lot of these baggers are actually corporate shills, spewing TeapubliChristofascistEvangeliban talking points for the glorious recompense of $0.05 per post. They're easy targets, as they really don't have much more than their original talking-point as ammuntion, so they will fall for the Godwin gambit - or be forced to contribute to YOUR swear jar.