Friday, February 23, 2007

Raspberry Pink

Bright, shocking, eye-popping raspberry pink.
And bright canary yellow.

But that's too "girly cute" - I need something to balance out all the sugar and spice and everything saccarine... Besides of which, I've already got the triple irish chain variation in the works with raspberry, lime, lemon and bright fucking orange.

Somebody had trash bags at the curb this morning with different colored "cinch sack" pull-ties, bright pink and bright yellow. They looked so delicious waving in the cold breeze, and I want to use those two colors, with something else to give it "heft" for a quilt top. Something that isn't mint, turquoise or baby-yellow - my current 3 favorite colors to use.

I'm not usually a "pink" kind of person. There's some of it in my house, but I prefer yellow roses to pink or red - I prefer mint green to rose or pink sheets or pillows.

Pink yellow and mint is too infant-like. It needs something "meaty" - but not depressing. I don't do browns, although I'm sure those 2 colors would look nice with a tan or beige. Black is too hard to work with, and I'd worry about color bleeding.

Dark teal is a possibility, although that has color bleeding issues too. But that's pretty close to turquoise, and I'm trying to avoid that.

This is going to take more thought.

(Oh and for those of you who are about to make a snarky comment about this coming so soon after my post about UFO's - I already have the fabric!!)

716 days

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

UFO's in my closet - or... Procrastination and Aging

I have closets full of UFO's - UnFinished Objects. There's a lovely baby wall-hanging latch-hook rug that has never even been started, (the daughter is now 24 yrs old and married), the four or five embroidery kits that I have in various stages of completion, the 2nd of 2 counted cross-stitch pictures of rabbits and flowers for the downstairs bathroom, the current quilt on the frame, which has made it to I believe 2/5 of the rows completed, 3 other quilt tops waiting for sandwiching and quilting, along with fabric for another 8 or so tops, yarn for sweaters and baby clothes, the list goes on and on.

And the monstrosity - the quilt that refuses to get finished because it has a bad case of "Murphy's Law" Everything that can possibly go wrong with a quilt has with this one - including my having pinned it wrong and now having the top being about 10 inches too long for the backing and batt. (Don't ask)

I've made dozens of lists of the UFO's - trying to find a way to force my mind to work around the concept of actually FINISHING them before I start new things, or buy new yarn/fabric/whatever. It has thus far proved a futile effort. I can only take comfort in the thought that I am not alone. For every UFO in my closet, there are as many women just like me with a closet full of their own UFO's.

The big deal is, I really WANT all the things I "plan" to make with the yarn and fabric and kits and stuff. (Bunny picture 2 will look adorable in the bathroom once it's finished!)

I'd love to hear from anyone who has suggestions on how to begin to cut this down some. For heaven's sake, I'm 50 years old - I've got to stop acquiring and begin finishing or I'm going to end up being one of those women you see their houses when they die and they're all full of some sort of bizarre collections.

Tony Blair Grows a Pair

Oh my my my

Tony seems to be pulling his head out of King George the Deciderer's ass!

First this - Blair to announce Iraq withdrawl plan - WHAT A CONCEPT!!! A PLAN!!! A plan with a definitive exit stratergy!!! Bush must be having spaz attacks in his cushy little oval office (wonder if he had the carpets steam-cleaned before he moved in, just in case of any lingering ... um... DNA... *giggle*)

Of course, Tony Snowjob at the Whitehouse is saying that Bush is trying to spin this as "proof of success" of his disasterous "plan" which is in fact no plan at all.

Then - no sooner does Tonyboy Blair get on that, than the UK reports Blair bypasses Bush to build a consensus on climate change Oh, Tony... Tony... Tony... Too little too late.

No wonder Laura looks like she's doped to the eyeballs every time she appears - you'd HAVE to be in order to live with what must be a raving, drooling, slavering madman 24/7.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Dancing Silhouette people

Some mortgage place has them. On seriously annoying animated banner ads. DeadEye used to use one for an avatar on the message boards. Now MickeyD’s has them on their burrito stickers. Another stupid banner ad for a Singles Service . They’re all over the net, on billboards – and now on my freaking BREAKFAST.

What is with these anorexic silhouette dancing people? Why all the silhouettes? Why no features? Whatever ad agency thought this one up needs to be deported. Rubbish. Utter Rubbish.

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