Friday, September 07, 2007

New Graphic for the Blog

I can't do it now - it will have to wait for this weekend

The graphic will be a picture with the Republican Elephant.

Hush - Wait and listen...

Elephant inside a red circle, with a line thru it.
Underneath, the date "2008"

Beneath that, the phrase: "We won't get fooled again - oh no!"

Go ahead and steal the idea if you like it. If you don't - stfu, I don't care.

I'd make a bumpersticker of it for my car, but I live and work in the BRIGHT RED county of DuPage, where things like THIS happen, so I need to keep a sensible profile.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I got an e-mail last night from Sandra Sanders. Sandra has an e-mail address similar to mine, but also with 2 numerals after. Sandra apologized (again) and then lied and said that she "had the XXX address with another service for YEARS".

Lying c***.

Anyhow, I'm certain this isn't over, because she's pulled this crap before. Back then I didn't know where she was or anything, and she sent an "apology" e-mail then, which included a rather pathetic "Gee, do you sew? Can we be friends?" crapola thing. I told her yes, I sew, no we can't be friends. I can't be friends with genuinely STUPID people.

I told her that again rather... um... forcefully... when I left the rude voice mail message on her phone.

So - for the time being, I'll not be outting her personal information here. Sorry gang, I know you were all wanting to leave her deliciously abusive e and voice mails and sign her up for every possible online dating service as a c********* s*** - but not for now. This is, however, her last "chance".


I need to schedule some vacation time. Need to go see Dad. I'm thinking maybe next month, assuming I can get things caught up around the old hacienda by then. That would make 2 vacations in 2 months in a row - I shall become spoiled!!


So, the Commander Shrub has had a biography written about him, and says he will spend his first months or so out of office making speeches for money to "replenish the old coffers". Please read This and picture the "Commander Guy" in his footie jammies, trying to find oil in a Valvoline factory...

Now imagine how much fun it would be to attend one of those speeches of his. Imagine the hilarity that could ensue, and realize that at that point, he no longer has the full force of the US Government to protect him from hecklers and demonstrators. Imagine going to one of these and shouting out about the blood on his hands and the mockery of the Presidency that he made. Imagine watching him melt down in public. Chortle.

Edited for Rauf's gentle sensibilities
501 days

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Identity Theft

Creepiness factor - 9 outta possible 10

Sandra Sanders wants to be me.
Sandra Sanders lives in Washington state.
She loves my e-mail address.
Sandra Sanders loves my e-mail address so much that she has been giving it out to many of her online business associates.

Sandra Sanders has a netflix account. Her password is now "FUCKYOUBITCH", because they sent me an e-mail and wanted to have her password. So I changed it.

Sandra Sanders wants to hear from Unfortunately, she won't - because I've unsubscribed.

Sandra Sanders just ordered some things from "" She gave them her phone number, her street address - and MY e-mail address. Sandra Sanders is a retarded asshole who got one HELL of a rude voice-mail message on her phone last night. I hope she shat herself.

I told her I'd cancelled her order (I didn't), I told her to stop with the identity theft.

I told her I was going to call the FBI and report her for identity theft. I haven't. Yet. I may.

What I DID do was contact my ISP and alert them to this intrusion, and change my passwords. The guy I talked to said that she can't mess with my account, and not to worry, that he would put a notation on my account about this. He told me that he will bring the matter to the attention of a supervisor. Visionary - does this really happen? I know you'd know.

The guy I talked to said that I wouldn't have any further problems. I do know that I am planning to keep her order confirmation with her address and phone number in it.

Sandra Sanders? If you're reading this - be advised - if you persist, you will be outted here with ALL of your information - address, phone number - the lot. QUIT GIVING OUT MY E-MAIL ADDRESS, BITCH!!!!!!!! DIE IN A FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! KTHKSBYE

502 days

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Killers on the Road

This is the story Link

If you have a weak stomach - or if tales of torture and murder upset you - please read another post. This one is sickening.

"The killings include the drowning of a man soldiers pushed from a bridge into the Tigris River as punishment for breaking curfew, and the suffocation during interrogation of a former Iraqi general believed to be helping insurgents.

In the suffocation, soldiers covered the man's head with a sleeping bag, then wrapped his neck with an electrical cord for a "stress position" they insisted was an approved technique."

These are actions of some of the poorly-trained, ill-equipped and over-extended troops in Iraq.

"Considered against recent cases, including soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division convicted of killing detainees in Samarra, Iraq, last year and the ongoing courts-martial of Marines accused of killing 24 civilians in Haditha, these new examples shed light on the frequency soldiers and Marines may disregard the rules of war."

What frightens me about all this is... this. We are fighting with all our might to get these kids back home where they belong. But do they still belong? Have they been so warped, so jaded, so brainwashed and ruined by the Bush Regime and its evils that they are likely to continue their rampaging violence and insanity?

Are we fighting a war for peace that will only bring more violence to our own shores - not in the form of "Terrah-ists", but from our own damaged returning troops?

Strange Things on the Way to Work

A grape limosine. Purple. Not just any old purple - deep, dark, Welches Concord Grape Juice purple. WHO THE FUCKING HELL BUYS A PURPLE LIMO????

I LoL'd

Almost no traffic. Gas prices under $3/gal.

And then 2 ambulances, 3 ambulance guys in khaki uniforms and Hi-Vis vests with a bright yellow backboard... and nobody in either of the 2 cars that were pulled to side of road. One can only assume that:

A) it was a training exercise imprudently scheduled for the middle of fucking rush hour,
B) some other ambulances had already been and stolen their patients,
C) the patients were invisible patients, or
D) everybody was laying down dead in the visually un-damaged vehicles.

I didn't LoL.

The local 18-wheeler truck driver school must have just had a graduating class last month. The rookies are now all in trucks and trying to back into loading/unloading docks along our somewhat narrow streets in the industrial complex here - and taking forever and 2 weeks to do so, holding up traffic in both directions during both morning rush and lunchtime. Asshats.

Fucking learn how to back your rig up correctly the first time or go park on the side of the road until traffic dies down. Truckers are such fucking idiots. Think they own the fucking road too - what with their idiot "This truck pays $XXX in road tax a year". Fuck you and the Geo you drove in on, asshat. Nobody gives a fuck. Just learn how to back the fucking thing up or get the fuck out of my way.

There is a cicada that seems to have developed a romantic interest in the fan that sits in the sewingroom window. Either a cicada or the largest fucking dragonfly I've ever seen. Either way, it keeps trying to get to the fan. Thank Goddess (and my handy-dandy-screen-repair-kit) the screen is there.

Marinaded some steak to make shish kebabs with in spicy italian dressing. I will have to do that again - it was rather tasty.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mystery Quilt 2007 - Part 4

Hello again! Here we go with this week's installment.
If you missed any, You can accessPart 1, Part 2 or Part 3 here.

Today we will be working with all those triangles we cut two weeks ago. Grab up all the triangle pieces - 100 in color B and 100 in color C.

This time you will be sewing the diagonal sides. These diagonal sides are on the "bias" of the fabric. Woven fabric, as you know, has threads that run two directions - horizontal and vertical. ||| or =. Seams that run along either these horizontal or vertical lines are the most stable. Since the threads are finite in length, there is very little "stretch" on the "straight grain" of the fabric.

This is not true with the bias. Bias seams stretch. They wiggle. They squirm. They can be ornery. Our pieces are only in the neighborhood of 6 inches long, so they aren't that problematic, but do be cautious here. Don't pull on the fabric while sewing or ironing it. Making your seams a tiny bit LESS than 1/4 inch won't hurt (TINY bit, mind you - not half size!!) and you can always cut the piece down a little if it turns out too large. (too small would be a Bad Thing®)

Ok, now that you're scared of your own triangles (sorry.), let's put 1 B triangle and 1 C triangle face-to-face and sew that long diagonal side, making a nice square that is 1/2 C and 1/2 B diagonally.

As before, carefully iron the square open, pressing the seam toward the darker fabric. Unlike before, you will find that you have excess seam-allowance peeking over the edge of your square like rabbit ears. Trim off these little bunny-ears carefully. The image below shows with obnoxious neon red and orange arrows where you will see these "bunny ears"

When you are done, you should have 100 of these diagonal 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch squares. Put them with the plain squares, the 1/2 and 1/2 horizontal squares and all those other pieces - we're done for now!!