Tuesday, April 20, 2010


In WoW, I belong to a "progression" group - we meet once a week and work on progressing through a very large, very difficult dungeon. It's co-operation, strategy, tactics, expertise and fun all rolled up.

IRL (In real life), I've managed a bit of progression as well. I have managed to fill the LARGE tin with cookies and mailed them off to the girl-child. I hope she likes them. The first batch are small and a few of them are kinda "burned-y" on the bottoms. The second batch are larger, totally unburnt, but not made the "traditional" way, because I couldn't find the right kind of chips. I think they'll be ok, though, because I kind of sneaked a little taste off the edge of one.


Kal's quilt is progressing again - I managed to get past the mental blockage that was keeping me from finishing the 2 rows I'd been working on. So, 8 of 25 rows done, or 200 of 625 squares - almost 1/3 done, and the Radio is playing "Bad, Bad Leeroy Brown".

There are just not enough hours in the day for me to do all the stuffs I'd LIKE to do along with all the stuffs I GOTTA do. This sucks, and not in the good way. I need longer days. 27 hours, maybe.

One of these days, I gotta get me a passport. I need to travel. I need to go see somewhere that isn't USA, Niagara Falls or Tiajuana. Hell, I can't even go back to Tiajuana or Niagara without a passport anymore, TYVM, George W. Asshole.

Found the charger for Dad's cell phone. Now all I need is to get him to get me the phone numbers of SPTLM and his neighbors/friends so I can program them into the phone so he has one-touch dialing.