Thursday, February 19, 2009

If you are breathing...


I've got issues. I used to have Problems. But they became politically incorrect. I think some self-help motivation guru back in the 80's decided we have no more Problems (which could be SOLVED) - instead we have "issues" which can be "addressed". No wonder the world is so fucked up with nobody solving any problems anymore.


"A" from the other side of the office came over to ask me if I had any "issues" with VendorX. I told him not today... So he gave me some information in case I had any "issues" with VendorX. At which point, I realized - I have "issues" with everybody. Everyone in the entire freaking world. Hell - if you are breathing, I got issues with it.

Ok, MAYBE, just MAYBE this is a BIT extreme. (The sound of howling laughter that you hear is probably coming from my daughter and Piston)

It's been a tough week with all the schmoozing I've been having to do to pacify the creditors and I'm just NOT the schmoozy type.

I'm so freaking tired of hearing about the economic meltdown, and the "issues" regarding it. I'm tired of getting lectured by collections people.

Maybe I should take up a new career path. I wonder if there's much call for professional Hermits out there. I should check

Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents Day

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to break the chains and shackles of paying retail and go forth and stimulate your economy (I SAID ECONOMY, "Gentlemen"...)with sales on all sortes and types of merchandise...

No bank today - no mail. Boring day stuff. Fortunately if anyone calls me to gripe that they didn't get paid, I will have the LOVERLY excuse that there's no mail today, how the fuck do they know???

Croila - according to the website where I bought this, these are little miniature lime trees that can grow up to 5 to 8 feet tall, and supposedly CAN produce limes. I don't think mine ever will, as it lives in my house (Lime trees are like oranges, they need to stay warm or they die) and probably will never get enough sunlight to make fruits. Also, since the house is so dark, taking it outside for a while is tantamount to a death by sunburn. It is a pretty plant, however, and certainly does well for conversation-starters.