Friday, August 08, 2008

On to the Weekend.

So! Today is Friday, I've been tolerably good all week, so I am going to try and do somehting fun and different this weekend.

My "reward" for being "good" this week is going to be a nice pedicure/manicure - but I'm also going to take a bit of a plunge and go out to a street festival alone. Usually I have SOMEONE to tag along with, but nobody else wants to go this time, and I figure if I'm really gonna BELIEVE in my own independence, I need to do stuff like this without being codependent on someone else.

So I'm going to the Addison Community Days thingywhatzit. They have been setting up all week right along my route to work, and yesterday I tried to get a photo of the neat and tidy rows and rows of Portapotties (at LEAST 2 dozen) and Trash Wheeliebins (many more!)... But they had put up a fence along the roadside that has green plastic to keep people out and hide the festival from the street.

There are carnie rides and games, live music, dancing shows, and a lot of food vendors, along with all the portapotties and trash cans.

I remember really enjoying going to these kinds of town festivals when Amanda was dancing. After the dance company was finished, we would walk around and look at the fest before going home. The weather promises to be nice, so either Sat. afternoon or Sunday I'll go and check it out.

164 days

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mindi, Oatmeal, Storm

Mindi Update:
I can't get into the vet until Monday nite. Considering she's been acting goofy like this for a while, I think she'll survive until then. (Bah - hopefully she'll survive anything, the little cuddlebunny).

Vet's office was funny - "Do you want to know her name?"
"We already know it"
"She's never been there..."
"Oh! Which one is this then?"
"This is Mindi"
"Ah yes, we saw Kili before. What color is Mindi?"
"She's Kili's littermate - you'd have to know them to tell them apart"
"Oh, so Siamese Mix, then?"
"Yes - Siamutts." (Receptionist chuckles)
"How old?"
"Umm... I dunno - what do you have down for Kili? They were littermates"

((*I silently chuckle* ))

It is finally starting to feel like Late July/Early August. We still haven't had the annual drought. The backyard jungle is still jungly.

So my Dr. got back the test results from my bloodtests. I'm otherwise ok (considering what they already knew), but the cholesterol is all fardleschnockered up. He wants to put me on pills, but I don't want them. Personally, I think I can oatmeal my way back to normal - during the 3 months while Leandra was so sick, I was eating almost nothing but cheese-sticks, string cheese, bulk cheese and red meat. Almost no veggies or fruits. (Yes, yes, yes, Croila! I know! 5 a day...) My blood sugar went flying around the walls and up to the ceiling and I'm not in the least surprised to find out the cholesterol got effed up too. However.

Lipitor and other cholesterol drugs have VERY BAD side effects on your liver. No thank you. Oatmeal and fish sounds better than losing liver function. I have to fight with the Dr. about this still, however. And quite honestly? I need that rather the same as I require an additional nose.

Or a husband. (*chuckle*)

So there was a storm. BIG storm. Loud thunderboomers. Apparently there was quite a bit of damage in No. Indiana. (at the risk of having John swat me.... How could they tell?) The insurance agencies are all advertising on the radio for their people to call them to make claims. Why? This is strange. Perhaps this is their way of finding out who files claims so they can discontinue their insurance???

I only got ONE adrenaline-rush wakeup from the storm. One of those CRACK... BANG!!!!! lightening strikes near the house. The rest of it was rather quiet rumbling and flashes - soothing and I slept through quite a lot of it. Wild weather is something I really don't mind unless I get too much of the adrenaline-rush type boomers. Those I'm not as fond of. I have a dear friend who loves storms too. He'd have loved this one.

166 days

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

To vet, or not to vet...

Something is wrong with Mindi, the fat kitty.

It could just be that she's old and has arthritis or something - but she's been favoring her right hind leg, and instead of trotting down the stairs, she hops like a bunnyrabbit.

Lately when she goes to lay down, it becomes a major production number, very slowly lowering herself to the floor as if it were painful.

I know I have to take her to the Vet. I'm actually afraid of what he/she will tell me, however. I can't afford to spend 1000's of dollars on a cat - but Mindi is such a honeylove - she cuddles, she looks up into my face with those big blue trusting eyes... she slobbers all over my shirt...

Ok, the slobber part isn't all that great, but she's done it like forever. And she's not so far gone that she couldn't knock over the trash can while I was eating dinner and try to steal the skin from the salmon filet...

If it's something bad like cancer, I'll have to have the vet put her down. I went through that horror with Sasha, and I'll not allow vets to chop hunks off my cats anymore.

167 days