Saturday, February 12, 2011

Protest Like An Egyptian

I've been watching the whole Egyptian Revolution thing in the news and one thing really and truly impressed me. If this succeeds, if the military doesn't fuck things up (as military are prone to do), this has been a relatively bloodless revolution. The people have set their demands, and then (for the most part) peacefully gone about insisting that they be met.

Yes, there have been scattered bits of violence, but unless I've missed it, that was the exception, not the norm.

If only others in that part of the world would get the message "You CAN win without killing". "You CAN get what you want without murdering innocents"

Nobody in the square in Cairo strapped on a bomb and exploded themselves to get their way. Nobody packed a car full of exploding things and set it off in a crowded marketplace. Nobody flew any airplanes into anything.

(I like the shoe bit. I really do. I find it ever so wonderful. Waving shoes in protest, instead of signs. I really really love the shoe bit.)

Dear Muslims. Dear Dear Xtian Anti-Choice people. Please learn from this. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KILL PEOPLE - OFTEN PEOPLE UNRELATED TO YOUR GOALS - TO EFFECT CHANGE!!!