Friday, March 01, 2013

Sorry Guys

I hate having to do this, (even for you, Bill... *grin)  but I've got that annoying 'word verification" thing set to "on" now because 1) I don't need Cialis, 2) I hate spammers and 3) I've got an attitude today.  Deal with it.

Fuck you, Spammers.

I hate spending 15-45 min. a week deleting the fucking spam that keeps getting commented to my ancient post about "Can't catch me 'cuz the rabbit done died".  (I love that song - of course, it is OLD Aerosmith.. *evil grin*)

The sn*w has finally arrived.  It hasn't arrived in quantity here as yet - although I hear Piston's area has gotten seriously hammered.

I got some piccys of Amelia via the Facebook thingy, here is one, because I like it.

Naturally Beautiful - and with a wicked grin!