Friday, August 29, 2008

Gimme a 3...


Gimee a Day


Gimme a Weekend!


What's that say?


Mindi Update: Mindi didn't go to the vet yesterday. The vet office called and rescheduled for next Wednesday since their backup X-Ray tech quit. *sigh*

So I will have to catch Mindi in the morning, put her in the box, haul her over to the vet's and leave her there for the day. Boy, is she gonna be pissed off at me.

Garden news, I've got two ickle bitty cherry tomatoes on the cherry plant, which is terrible as by now there should be bajillions - but the weather hasn't been good and I've kinda not been able to keep up with them so well. The big tomato plant died, the blueberry bush died (the one the birds keep pulling up... grrrr), but the pepper plant has a ickle bitsy baby green pepper on it. It is adorable cute.

I wish I knew where there was a Radio Shack near me. I suppose I can google it. I need to replace like ALL of the cords to my stereo equipment, and maybe they can explain to me about the digital converter box thingywhatzit. I will NOT pay for cable TV!!!!!!!!!!

I see where McSame has chosen a Person-Without-A-Penis for his running mate. Of course, she WAS once a beauty queen contestant....... Just like Cindy (his "cunt"), and just like the wife who stuck by him through his Vietnam horror - only to be dumped for the beauty-queen beer baroness when her looks were marred...

143 days

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bombarded By Bubbleheaded Bleached Blondes

Behind me, the BMW contains a 2-steps-beyond-platinum blonde (with suspiciously wide dark center hair-part). She fiddles with her makeup. She smokes. She pulls down her sunglasses and pooches her lips at her reflection in her rear-view mirror.

In front, a Farrah Faucett Wannabe tosses her platinum curls as she flings her cigarette butt to the pavement. Is it her 2" long candy-apple-red-glazed nails, or the thick gold THUMB ring that triggers my amusement more?

To the left, a SLIGHTLY less obviously bottle blonde suburban soccermom with a mommy-bob haircut lights up and checks her mascara in the rearview.

I chuckle.

147 days