Friday, July 23, 2010

Illegal Alien Kitteh tries to break into my house!!!*

*please note - I have never seen this kitty, nor have I any clue to whom it belongs. It might be the cat belonging to a member of the DAR. The Kitteh, however, is not a legal resident of MY house!

Ok, for a few days, I've been worried about Kili. She ate, but she would hide. Constantly. I couldn't figure it out, and she was acting as if she didn't know me. Everything seemed to frighten her, and that's not normal.

I even called the vet office to see if there might be something that I'd need to watch out for.

Yesterday morning my neighbor clued me in. Apparently there has been some free-ranging kitteh who has been clawing at my window screen and trying to get in. I heard Kili snarling at it one night, but had heard nothing since so I figured it was ok. It wasn't.

There is a HUGE rip in the screen just at a spot where I can't easily see it from inside the house because of the vertical blinds. Apparently the Illegal kitteh was trying to enter. No wonder Kili's been spooked.

So yesterday AM I closed the window so that even if Illegal Kitteh does get thru the screen, it can't get inside the house.

Yesterday after work Kili came out when I came home and "talked" to me. Then she got on the back of the sofa and peeked thru the blinds for a long time before running off to get some kibble noms. This morning she was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs and gave me the usual nagging until I gave her the canned food.