Saturday, December 29, 2007


On the tip
of the point of a needle
Arms outstretched
One tiny breeze can break the spell

balanced on the tip
of the point of a needle
like a dancer en pointe
untried, fragile gossamer wings spread

one breath can tip the balance
to soar and fly
or to fall and fail
never having flown, fear of breathing

Balanced on the tip
of the point of a needle
to fall without trying
to try and possibly fall



pation. (Sorry, Dr. Frank...)

I choose.
I fly.

387 days

Thursday, December 27, 2007

End of the year...

Been away a bit again, sorry about that.

Lots of hassles around the hacienda - made for a rather tense Christmas weekend. Almost all sorted now, however. Few more days ought to bring things back to "normal" - as normal as it gets around here.

Got a few presents, sent a few presents. Have a couple more to send. In all, despite the hassles, not a bad thing.

I want to say something here... I'll probably regret this, but maybe it's time to comment on the comments and stuff.

Many years ago, I met a guy online who rather surprisingly became a dear friend very quickly. We have an extraordinary friendship, one that has withstood a lot of challenges and issues. We've "been there" for each other through some awfully rough shit in both of our lives. This isn't a "romantic" thing - (not that he isn't attractive that way, but we both have other "commitments") - but rather a soul-bonding friendship that transcends mere physical desire. We have both felt that we can tell one another "anything", without being judged or condemned. He's one of the few people who can bluntly tell me to get my head out - and have me listen, rather than telling him to piss off..

He's pretty protective of me - although he knows I'm capable of being Bitch of the Week on my own and has called me on it more than once. He knows what will make me laugh, and he knows me at my best as well as my worst. He's gone by a LARGE number of nicknames over the years, in many venues - but lately he seems to have settled in my blog as "Visionary."

A relatively short while ago, I also met online a guy whom I enjoyed sparring and teasing around with. Again, not in a romantic or physical sense, but someone I enjoyed talking with. While I didn't agree with everything he says, nor he with me, we had good times talking and discussing. He had started to learn about me, but didn't know everything - especially the bit about how I really am able to completely write off what I consider to be a toxic situation. You folks know him as BBC.

A few months ago, BBC made a comment about me that was based on partial truth - but more on his own assumptions based on those truths. I'm not going to go into it here - but it was enough for me to say to him "Goodbye" and stop reading/commenting on his blog or responding here.

In the midst of all the hassles and turmoil this week, one thing I got was an e-mail from BBC, with what I firmly believe was a very sincere apology. I respect that.

Bill - I accept your apology - thank you for it. I am trusting that you, unlike others, are smart enough to know that "sorry" doesn't count if you plan to do the same thing again, and I'm certain you won't.

All the rest of you? I suspect that BBC and Visionary may well continue to spar and spit in comments. I'm ok with that. I'm certain my "readers" know the difference between MY opinion and that of those who comment. With only a VERY few exceptions, I've always let comments stand.

Merry Christmas, All.
Happy New Year.
Bright Blessings to each and every one of you.


389 Days