Friday, February 15, 2008

The Elmhurst Matterhorn

I really need to get my digital camera fixed. There is this mountain of sn*w in the parking lot of one of the few remaining Dominicks Food Markets here near where I work. Built by the titanic efforts of the plow guys, this is not just a sn*w pile, nor is it just a bit larger sn*w-hill - I believe I actually saw SKI LIFTS on this one... (/sarcasm)

The distressing bit about this particular mountain of white misery - is that they put it right at the intersection where 2 entrances (from perpendicular streets) converge. You cannot see either around or over it, making entry into the parking lot a crapshoot with regard to avoiding a collision.

(In honor of this new glacier-in-training, I am using as many poly-syllabic words as possible to emphasize the enormity of this gargantuan sn*wmountain.)

Moving on...

My ears are uneven. One of them is either larger or parked higher on my head than the other one. No wonder I've never gotten a decent haircut in my life... I discovered this tidbit this morning while staring at my glasses sitting on the desk next to me. The eyes part sit flush on the desk, one of the ear-hook-side-pieces-that-have-a-real-name-but-I-forget-it also sits flush on the desk - but the OTHER one (ehsptharnbIfi)hovers - HOVERS, I say!! - about 1/8 of an inch over the desktop.
As I am fair certain that the desktop is flat and level (pencils do not roll around all over it unless pushed), I can only surmise that one of my ears is off-kilter.

This amuses me.

Told you I'm easily amused!

Amanda - your slipcover pattern goes in the mail tomorrow, as I need to buy a large enough envelope for it tonight. (I thought I had one.. *sigh*) Would love to see a photo of the finished product!

Some disturbed young man shot up a classroom at NIU. This is getting ridiculous. If you can't cut it at school - DROP OUT, don't shoot up your classroom!!! Jeezzz.

339 days

(PS - Edit In - I just remembered the name for those things on your glasses "Temples". Weird name for ear thingys, IMNSHO)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Strange Dreams

My grandmother lived in a bungalow on a quiet, tree-lined street in a very nice little urban area. For the life of me, I cannot remember what the light fixture in her kitchen looked like, but I can remember the kitchen vividly. I learned to quilt in that house, and learned a lot about cooking, gardening and sewing in general there as well.

It was one of my favorite places to go as a child, and so I do know why I visit it frequently in dreams. Why the roof would be leaking is a question, though.

And the leaky roof pouring water into the kitchen, and starting a sparking fire in the light fixture (which I know for a FACT was NOT a long dangly chandelier...). Grabbing a small fire extinguisher off the refrigerator (unlikely!!) and trying to put the fire out. Spraying foam everywhere, and still seeing flames. Yelling to my brother to help Grandma go to the basement and pull the fuses, he objected to that because I'd be pulling him away from his homework.

Then a strange dressingroom or bathroom stall type cupboard appeared where the telephone used to be, and 2 guys all 3/4 covered in fire extinguisher foam started singing "Stick Magnetic Ribbons on your SUV" (exactly the way the Asylum Street Spankers do it...)

That's the last time I eat hot noodles right before bed, I think.

Amanda - check the previous post comments for my e-mail address - or you can just click on the link in my profile.

340 days

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sn*w today... Sn*w tomorrow....

They sent us home from work early again today. Didn't really know why - the roads were a bit slippy, but not bad, and traffic was light. I went to the book store and postal orifice.

A couple of answers to comments from the last post...

No Babzy - colds, sore backs and weather always travel from west to east, and I'm east of you, so it must be someone else "blessing" you. And we do have English muffins here. I like cinnamon/raisin ones, and sourdough ones. With marmalade!!

Amanda - I have 2 different patterns for sofa covers. One is kind of like slipcovers - almost looks "reupholstered" although not quite. The other one is sort of a drapey thing with ties that looks like an "Great-Great-Aunt Sophie" kind of furniture cover. The effect is kind of like what my grandma's chair in my livingroom looks like with that cover pinned over it. Send me an e-mail with your address and which of the patterns you would like and I'll send it to you.

BBC - I put my back out the first time about 17 years ago from carrying wallboard in to the house and up a flight of stairs at my Dad's old house. It was that really heavy green-coated stuff for use in bathrooms. Now about once a year or so, I'll be doing something totally normal like washing the floor or making the bed and my back will decide to spasm. Sometimes it's just awful - sometimes, like this one, if I can straighten up correctly quickly enough and get ice on it fast, I can work it out on my own.

I'm feeling quite virtuous - paid all the bills last nite and got them into the mail this morning (those that do not yet have online billpay - neanderthal businesses!!)

Thanks to Lea, who sent me a nice gift-card for Half-Price Books, I was able to buy 10 books for $12 tonite. THANK YOU LEA!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs*

342 days

Monday, February 11, 2008

Just a Rather Nice Day

Hello again, everybody.

You know, some lifetimes you just can't "win". No sooner did I get over my cough/cold/sore throat/upper respiratory thingy, than I spasm'ed my back again scrubbing the commode in the bathroom. If it's not one thing, it's another. Getting old sucks.

Nothing major - just a nagging little backache. I'll survive - it's getting better already. Just one more annoyance. I need to stop thinking in terms of the annoyances and just "go with the flow" more, I think. One cannot, however, forgo cleaning the commode, so I'll have to get a long-handle scrub brush.

Kal got me going this weekend - going to the store for sourdough bread, to make toast Seems he went to a call and the hallway was filled with smoke. Turned out the guy with the problem's roommate had burnt toast to a crispy critter just before Kal and his partner arrived. J, who sits behind me at work, has a toaster in his cube, and I think it has several lifetimes worth of breadcrumbs at the bottom. Every time he uses it, the whole office smells of toast. Somehow I always seem to forget how much I really LOVE toast - until I smell it. Then I crave it for HOURS.

So this morning I had some lovely sourdough toast, and a vanilla latte, and the world was cold, but sunny, so everything was nice - and Senator Obama is doing well.

Nice days are boring, but I don't always want to sound whiney on here. I think I will stop off at the fabric store on the way home and try not to buy them out. Remember - she who dies with the most fabric... WINS!

343 days