Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Doctor Visit

I have to go see Dr. Nick tonite. I'm not particularly looking forward to this.
The medicine he's got me taking doesn't seem to be working, and the increased dosage has made things worse rather than better, it would appear.

Personally, I think that it may be necessary for me to go and talk to some type of specialist - either an endocrinologist or a diabetes specialist. I suspect the former, to be honest.

How do you, however, bring this up to a Dr. who really HAS been trying very hard to make things "right" for you, but seems to sort of... tune out... when you bring up a possible connection between one and another of your problems?

For instance - if every time you ate strawberries, you broke out in hives, you would assume you were allergic to strawberries, no? But what if you only broke out in hives HALF the time - but the half the time you did, you also had chicken for dinner?

So if you have chicken alone - no problem
If you have strawberries without chicken - no problem
If you have both in the same meal - hives.

This guy seems to be of the "Well, you're allergic to strawberries, we'll just treat that" school of thought, without taking into consideration some other things that are of particular note.

These type of guys usually like to "categorize" folks, putting them into convenient little boxes and making incorrect assumptions based on things like "Gee, she is overweight, so she must eat bon-bons and read romance novels".

I'm getting fairly sick of the entire medical community. I'm thinking that maybe I should just dump all the meds, eat what I want and go ahead and let it all end, because I'm tired of fighting with farking doctors who "know what they know" like a certain insane cat-lady from California - even though, surprisingly, not ONE SINGLE ONE OF THESE ASSHOLES HAS LIVED FOR EVEN 1 MINUTE IN THE BODY I'VE LIVED IN FOR OVER 50 YEARS!!!



Croila said...

Oh dear. It almost makes it worse if the doctor's well-meaning and tries hard, doesn't it? Then you can't just bawl him out and have a tantrum to get him to listen.

I do hope you get this sorted out :-(

Peacechick Mary said...

Tell him you would like to see a diabetes specialist. Do not explain or try to make it up to him with sweetness. Just the ol' point blank - I want... Men do that all the time - just say what they want so why can't we? Sure we can. You are the CEO of your body and you are in charge.

pissed off patricia said...

He works for you. If he's not getting the job done, fire him. Explain to him what you want and how you feel and if he doesn't listen, move on to another one. Well, that's what I would do. I had a similar experience with a dentist. I dealt with him for a long while, longer than I should have. Finally I explained to him that we had both tried but I felt I needed to consult another dentist. We shook hands and that was the last I saw of him. The next dentist was heaven sent.

John Good said...

Mary and Pop are right! And at least there's nothing wrong with your belly-fire! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh... Sewmouse, I so feel for you. But I think that all in all doctors mean well. Well, some of them anyway. The ones that aren't money mongers.

I'm lucky, I have really good genes and have had few problems, and the one I do have, the cosmos takes care of. Don't ask me to explain, I suppose you read about it on Hammers blog anyway.

Shoot, when I had my operation on a trick knee after trying to ram my leg up my butt with a motorcycle and having a trick knee for fifteen or so years and slipping on ice and having a piece of shit.

The doc gave me pain pills, but I got through the night with nine beers. :-)

He said it would take at least six weeks to get work release. I worked my butt off and got it four.

Well, maybe I'm stupid because I was getting paid to sit at home on my butt.

I so hope that you are feeling better soon. Just remember, drink enough booze and you won't hurt, or give a shit, it's always worked for me. :-)


spadoman said...

I have been fighting with doctors for many years. I had my first heart attack in 1985, (missed the Bears superbowl game coming out of anestetic). It's been a lifelong struggle to get traditional doctors to help me help myself.

Right now, the doctors at the VA, where I get my health care, only treat symptoms. As a diabetic, my blood sugar is bad if I don't do anything to take care of myself. When I put forth my own effort, my numbers improve. They don't look at improvement, but only that I do not have perfect numbers and keep trying to adjust the medication.

On the other hand, many people don't try to help themselves and just come to the doctor and say "Give me a pill that will heal me becaue I'm not gonna stop eating a pint of chocolate almond fudge ice cream every night as I sit sedentery in front of the TV."

I mix my doctor at the VA, (because I do need health care of this type for checks and balances) and a natropath, (spelling looks wrong, oh well), and Reiki and the Sweat Lodge. I mix in some natural herbs and eat fresh food and not Mickey D's supper club and I am still walking upright after a bunch of heart attacks and two open heart surgeries.

Good luck with them, but listen to the advice, get another doctor if you can. Try other outlets as well.

By the way, moved from Chicago to "Up North" in 1974, but I still have a Mom down there in Palatine.
I grew up in Melrose Park. Small world?