Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sewmouse the Iconoclast

The Tyrant George W. Bush has repeatedly tried to brainwash and manipulate the general public - no more so than with his multitudinous "Constitutional Ammendment" proposals (more than ANY other President in history) - surprising, since he has been quoted as calling the Constitution of the United States "just a goddamn piece of paper"!!

One of his many obfuscations has been the proposed "Flag Burning Ammendment". From what I gather, it would become a criminal act - indeed, a FELONY - to "desecrate" the flag of the United States of America.

Most Americans are proud of their country. They are proud of it's heritage, and the symbol of both the country and it's heritage to them is it's flag. Note the word SYMBOL - it is relevant.

You see - although many men feel they have "fought" for the flag, I am certain beyond any reasonable doubt that the VAST majority of these men did not fight for a rather visually disappointing and patchwork piece of cloth - or in many cases now, plastic or polyester. What these men fought for - what countless of their brothers and fathers and other family members died for - was not the SYMBOL - but that for which the symbol STANDS. The Constitution of the United States (that goddamn piece of paper, according to GWB). The country, it's people, it's ideals. For heaven's sake, it can't POSSIBLY be for it's flag - because then the question arises - WHICH flag? There have been SIXTEEN US Flags - from the first one that Betsy Ross cobbled together from her quilting scrap stash

to the 50-star version currently in use.

But in the end - no matter which of these SYMBOLS we discuss/desecrate/deride or revere, the fact of the matter is - it is just a SYMBOL.

Just as the numeral 1 is a symbol for the quantity of a single instance of an item, or the first instance in a group of items, so too, the flag is just a SYMBOL.

These very words you read are symbols. They are symbols that represent the sounds of the words that represent the ideas I espouse. You can burn my words - but you cannot destroy my ideas by doing so.

If I tear a flag - it does not tear the Constitution, nor the country, nor it's people.
If I burn a flag - it does not burn the Constitution, nor the country, nor it's people.

Destroying or hurting the SYMBOL does nothing to the real thing. If our country is so fragile, so delicate, so WEAK that the desecration of it's SYMBOL can destroy the country, then we seriously have a LOT more wrong with our country than simply a few nutjobs who want to burn or pee on the flag.

In fact, having a President who considers the FOUNDATION of our country - it's Constitution - something he TWICE SWORE TO UPHOLD AND DEFEND AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC - to be "just a goddamn piece of paper" seems to me to be MUCH more dangerous than simply having a SYMBOL spit upon.

Support our troops and our Country and it's Constitution - IMPEACH BUSH

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Rocket's Red Glare

Ah, the joy of not having to leave home to see a fireworks display. Not only are the township "official" fireworks visible from my window, but some kind soul gave us an "unofficial" (Illegal!!) fireworks display right outside my bedroom window. Until about 2 a.m.

The cats are nervous wrecks. When even Kili will crawl into my lap and demand pets, you know it's bad! Fortunately, they are banned from the bedroom (they chew cords, and I think I have an allergy) - so they weren't on top of me all night as well.

You know, sometimes I feel like Fate doesn't much like me. Susan is up here to visit this weekend - but she has to go back tomorrow so she's home for a Dr. visit on Friday. FRIDAY - which is when Pirates of the Caribbean II comes out. PHOOEY I would have loved to go to that one with her. Guess I'll be solo-ing it again. Oh well. Movie popcorn tastes the same solo or duo. We will probably go out to dinner or something tonite instead. She wanted to go bowling, but I dont' think I could handle that anymore. I'd probably put my back out. Still have the bowling ball somewhere in the garage, though....

I should. I should just go bowling now and again. I like it. I just don't ever do it anymore. So many things I don't do anymore. *sigh*

I just saw on Yahoo that Ken Lay died. Another one I'm having trouble mustering up any real greif over. That man was evil, he destroyed so much with his greed and dishonesty. Ken Lay is one of many that epitomize the abuses the Bush Regime has inflicted on our country. I knew that a Bush presidency was a bad thing before he even stole the first election in 2000. I had no idea it would be THIS bad.