Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cleanliness is next to....

Wouldn't it just figure that I've got all this farking ENERGY to do stuff, but Dr. Brad still says no bending, lifting, twisting, vacuuming...

The cats see these restrictions as carte blanche to vomit hairballs all over the place. Making me have to clean them up surepptitiously bending - as the vacuum is still off limits. I think they (the cats) do this on purpose.

So I got my prize for winning the caption contest over by Mr. Farty's. It is a Dalek!! A red Dalek with silver spots. If you tap him on the head, the talks in Dalek, and if you drag him backwards, he drives himself around for a bit. For the time being, he is living on my monitor - but I may have to find him a new home shortly because C my Co-Worker is green with envy and I don't trust the cleaners. Here he is sitting next to "Peacecat" at work, but I may take him home on Friday to protect him from the evil janitors.

187 days

Monday, July 14, 2008

Blog Blarg

Some weeks are harder than others in which to blog.

This last weekend I had promised myself to update - yet another in a long string of things I've promised to me and conveniently forgotten.

I did, however, get a number of other things done, some of which I'd been procrastinating for quite a while. For instance - went to see the Hospital Vampires and got blood tests drawn - Met a very nice phlebotomist named Ruth who got me in one almost-painless stick! No call from my Dr. office so I must be near-normal. They always call quick when there is a problem. I procrastinated on this one because you had to do it "12 hours fasting" which I kept forgetting on the weekends, and couldn't be bothered over driving to the hospital real early on weekdays. In the end, got there RIGHT as they opened, 15 min. later I was out of there and on my way to:

The AIR TEAM facility, where I went and got my car's emissions tested. They sent me this scarey yellow notice that said if I didn't do it, they wouldn't sell me updated license plate stickers, and since my plates come due in September, it seemed curiously ambitious of me to handle this so early - BUT I DID!! and all this before:

Breakfast at Omega Restaurant. They make really FLUFFY omelets. I usually don't like the fluffy ones at other places because they're generally partially raw in the centers, but the ones at Omega are just lovely. Big glass of grapefruit juice and a couple of sausage links and I was good-to-go to:

Costco! Where I got my latest drugs picked up and replaced my cheap crappy DVD player that died after only a year, with one that was only marginally more expensive, but made by Sony and has a warranty.

Went home, paid my mortgage online - ON TIME - and then:

Watched National Treasure 2. It sucked. It was National Treasure 1 with a less credible plot, and too many of exactly the same stunts, visual FX and cliche's. Nicholas Cage is NOT aging well.

Missed Lea a lot because of that. It's the kind of thing we would have discussed to death for at least 15-20 minutes, laughing at each other's impressions.

189 days