Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Neon Hell - Part 1

I wrote the following blog post about 1 1/2 weeks ago but didn't post it for no known reason, and while I COULD update it to make it more currently correct, I have no intention of doing so. I will write an updated post later.

Where in the world has Sewmouse been?

Home, mostly. Buried under a pile of laundry and the inside of a closet. Not in that order.

I've decided to clean out my dont-wear, don't like, don't fit, don't need clothes and feed them to the charity box. This has necessitated my going into my tiny walk-in closet and tossing out stuff I wont/cant wear. This has made a heap in the middle of the bedroom floor, which then becomes a huge laundry pile, as even though these clothes have been hanging in the closet for eons, I feel that it would be rude to give them to the charity box in their current condition, as they are a bit musty and dusty.

In between, I have been sleeping too much. Or maybe it's not too much, because even though it is too much, it seems to be having a beneficent effect on my levels of energy and ambition. I guess being asleep too much but more active when awake is better than being a semi-comotose slug with normal sleep patterns.

I've also found a new addiction - this silly little online version of Civilization or Age of Empires - called "EVONY". It is online and multiplayer. Rather primitive, but addictive too. It's not WoW, but it's a nice little distraction.

It has been raining cats and dogs and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri around here the last few days. The humidity is oppressive, even though the temperature is not. It's like living in a tepid-mist vaporizer. The dehumidifier gets full too fast for it to do any real abatement. Yesterday morning while waiting for D from work to pick me up (more on this later), I started the washer, the dryer and the dishwasher all at the same time. It was like a sauna in the kitchen. I ended up going outside to wait for D in the rain rather than stay in the house. I fully expected the cats to be all fluffed out like cartoon cats when I got home. They weren't. They were sitting on the sofa looking at me like "WTF do you think YOU are doing here?"

So anyhow - I had to have D pick me up because he took me home the night before. The morning before, the Little Blue Neon decided it didn't want to go to work. Unfortunately, the Little Blue Neon does not have this option on weekdays when I have the outside CPA scheduled to come in and still need a couple of hours of uninterrupted time to finish getting things together for him.

Oh well. Called the tow truck, had them drag tLBN to the repair shop near work, and they drove me to work. EXPENSIVE TAXI!!

However, they've had tLBN now for 3 days, and even though they know that there IS a problem, because it screws up for them - it is the dread "Intermittent" problem, and it will not screw up when the repair guy has his tools with him. /facepalm

The CPA and I came up with an answer. We think tLBN has a crush on the courtesy van from the repairs shop. As the CPA put it - "That's why it only gets TURNED ON when it is at the shop".

I do so desperately hope they can find out what is wrong with it today so I can run errands and stuff over the weekend without fearing that I'll get stuck somewhere with a nonfunctional Neon. (Nonfunctional Neon at the Dysfunctional Dennys perhaps? *giggle*)

I also have discovered something about me. I cannot write when people TELL me to write to them. I get all blocked and can't think of dickall to say. Just sayin'.