Thursday, September 10, 2009

I am disgusted

Shame on you, Joe Wilson.

You don't deserve the respect of being called "Representative". You are no-class, disgusting, and unfortunately a typical example of how low the Republican Party has fallen. Shame on you.

Shame on the voters in the 2nd Congressional district of South Carolina.

Shame on Nancy Pelosi for not having his ass hauled out of the joint session.

Even at the lowest point of GWB's "approval ratings", the Progressives, Democrats, Independents, etc., never stooped to the level of HECKLING the President during a speech in the chambers of Congress.

You, Joe Wilson - are NOT a gentleman. You are a thug, a reprehensible piece of bought-and-paid-for corrupt political hackery. SHAME ON YOU.

I note that your chutzpah in behaving like an ill-bred, in-bred Professional Wrestling fan, (as opposed to a civilized member of Congress) doesn't extend itself well - you've removed your website (Coward!!!) and are not answering your office phones (COWARD!!!)

Shame on you.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Ok, so I went to the Dentist yesterday and came back out with one less tooth. Again, not overly PAINFUL - but that whole bit of chomping down on cotton and waiting for the bleeding to stop was miserable.

It took several hours for the bleeding to stop enough for me to feel comfortable taking out the cotton gauze. Do. Not. Want. Dry. Socket.

Of course, then it took another couple hours for me to settle down and be able to sleep for about 10 to 15 min. before it was time to get up and struggle to work. I ALMOST called in, but since I wasn't throwing up, I dragged ass in.

Been dragging ass all morning like a dog with hemmorhoids. *sigh* Yogurt and protein drink for breakfast, I have another protein drink and some applesauce for lunch. Maybe for dinner I will make myself some scrambled eggs and jello. It's as bad as being in the Hospital. I hate Dentists.

In the mean time, while I was being miserable last night, I updated my linky thingy over on the sidebar there ---->>. I took off people who have taken their blogs "private", and those who don't update anymore or deleted them. If you think you have been disincluded in error, please e-mail me at my profile address and I'll reinstate you.

If you've gone "private" and not sent me an invite - sorry I'm not good enough. I miss you. Bye.

I've also added a couple that I've followed for a while but hadn't added due to terminal laziness. Hi.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

When Toilets Attack!!!!

Or maybe it should be "Toilets Gone Wild!!!"
Perhaps... "Rosemary's Toilet". "The Haunted Toilet"
"Revenge of the Potty" would just be silly.

So Friday night I got home a bit late. Fell asleep reading, and awakened to the feeling as if the bed had grown a set of "Magic Fingers". Leg spasm, or mini-earthquake? You decide.

Of course, waking in this manner requires the obligatory bathroom visit. In the dark. Because I don't want to turn on lights. Mission accomplished, I reset clothing to rights and reach for the flushing lever. I push it down. Suddenly the floor begins to shake. Clanking noises! Banging! The water tank sounds like there are rattlesnakes in it, hissing and slapping against the sides. My heart races! Adrenaline pumps! The thought of a huge plumbing bill and possible flooding of the entire house looms! I yank up the handle and silence prevails again. I stop shaking. There is no sound of water overflowing anywhere.

Slowly the adrenaline seeps back into wherever adrenaline seeps when it's done scaring the woohoojus out of you.

I turn on the sink to wash my hands.

The water spits and gurgles. The pipes bang and clatter. But only for a few moments. Then the only sound is water rushing into the basin.

Only then do I remember.

On my way to work Friday morning, I saw a fleet of village trucks and a backhoe over near the local swimming pool. Apparently there was some sort of water-main leak.

Bet they had to turn off the water.

Uh huh.

Air gets in the pipes...

No, the toilet is NOT possessed, Sewmouse, you twit.

I flush again.
No problems.

You know - ya can't make this shit up.