Saturday, August 09, 2014

Someone Else Wrote This - but I think it is important to spread.

 Marriage is simply a contract, recognized by the State, which defines how the parties to the contract will share property, financial and personal obligations, and so forth. In exchange, they are given certain legal rights (e.g. inheritance, power of attorney, visitation in hospitals, and so forth). It's a civil contract, which means it is a civil right.

This is not to be confused with a religious ceremony recognized by your church -- e.g. a Wedding, "holy matrimony" -- which generally has no legal validity with the state.

You can be married (Justice of the Peace) without a church wedding. As long as you registered a Marriage License, the state will recognize your marriage, but your church might not. The state is free to say who can be married -- but it is not free to dictate the beliefs of your church (or anyone else's), including who is allowed to have a wedding ceremony in your church.

And you can have a wedding at your church without bothering to register the marriage with the state. (It's called a Marriage License, not a Wedding License.) Your church will recognize your marriage, but the state might not. Your church is free to say who can have a wedding in your church -- but it is not free to dictate who the state will allow to be married, or to tell other churches to recognize the marriage.

They're entirely separate things.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Ode to Fox

We were all set to marry

We'd set the special day

I knew that there was nothing

to get into our way

But then to my great horror

in shock, I screamed "The heck?"

I saw my dear beloved

Was watching that "Glenn Beck"

I've had my share of troubles

I've lived through my hard knocks

but nothing could prepare me

to see him watching "Fox"

We'd had genetic testing

I didn't doubt his sanity

Until I saw my boyfriend

tuned in to "Fox" and "Hannity"

He said that Bill O'Reilly

Was balanced, fair and true

I raised my middle finger.

I told my love "Fuck You"

 I pay a lot every month for their internet "Service" - and expect to get the advertised "Blazing Fast" 24/7 365 High-Speed Internet Service.

 For the last 10 days I've had maybe a total of 20 min. of EXCRUCIATINGLY SLOW internet connectivity. Web pages taking 1-2 minutes to load. "Customer Service" having been outsourced to Bangaladesh or Pakistan or "Fuckyoucustomerstan", where "Suzie" and "Chris" and "Jessie" and "David" and ... yes.... "RINGO" are just Ever so happy to help... thankyouverymuch

Lie, after Lie after LIE about when they will fix it. Sat home all day Sunday waiting for their technician - who was never actually SCHEDULED - despite "Chris" and "Suzie" claiming that I'd get calls to confirm and that a tech would be by between "3 and 5 pm"


 I'll be looking for a different internet provider shortly. Anyone got any recommendations?